VIDEO: Clark on First Start

Kenny Clark discusses his first start, how much different it was from backing up, and how much confidence the defense gained from the first half...

Kenneth Clark:

On getting his first start:
It was pretty good. I played a lot and got like 30 snaps in the game, it was fun, i just wish we had gotten the one. It was good fun starting though.

On if he got same amount snaps:
We ran a lot of different packages. I think I got the same amount of snaps in other games. I think in this game we'll be running more of our base packages and I think I'll be playing a lot more.

On the experience of playing at Oregon:
All the freshmen, we have to take from it and learn from our mistakes. We learn a lot playing in this game, the amount of reps we get, we get a lot of reps. We just have to learn from our mistakes. And some of the plays we do make, we just learn from those, we just try to be consistent.

On if he feels more confident because of that game:
I'm just working right now. I feel like as the days go by. I feel like if I keep working hard, I'll be more successful when I play more.

On if they can take anything away from the Oregon game:
Oh yeah. I think we can play with anybody. Especially the way our defense is playing right now. I think we can play with anybody. We play hard and we play physical. We run to the ball, we're physical, we're strong. I think we can play with anyone in the nation.

On Autzen Stadium:
I didn't really even notice it. It wasn't different than Nebraska or Utah. It was whatever.

On if he ever thought 18 freshman would play:
It's pretty good and pretty cool. I've never heard of that. It's exciting for all of us. We talk about it all the time, it's pretty exciting for us. We talk about the experience we'll have later on in life.

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