VIDEO: Quessenberry On Playing Guard

Freshman Scott Quessenberry talks about getting his first start at left guard, whether he sees guard as a permanent position, and how much his presence helped Jake Brendel...

Scott Quessenberry talks about his first start:

On his first start:
It was a lot of fun, getting your first start in a hostile environment against a good opponent like that, but it was a lot of fun.

On how film looked to the offensive line:
We played well but there is always room for improvement and we're never satisfied. We have to get better.

On his experience playing center helping him as a guard:
Oh yeah, I know Jake trusts me because we go over the offense all the time and I know all the calls and I know if the linebackers shift, if we're moving, especially in a hostile environment like Autzen Stadium, it's really important that the guard knows where the centers are at and I feel like Jake is comfortable with me like he was with X and now that X is out at offensive tackle, he has to have a guy who knows and I feel like I'm that.

On where he sees himself position-wise in the future:
I told a bunch of people this during the recruiting process, whatever gets me on the field the fastest. Guard, center. At some point, I'll play guard like I did on center, and at some point, I'll move back to center. That's where I am right now and we'll go from there.

On his previous line experience:
I played center my sophomore year but at camps I played center. I played left and right tackle, junior year right tackle, senior year left tackle. So I know all the positions.

On if his mindset changed at all last week in practice:
No. Every day at practice I just go out and try to get better. It's the only thing on my mind. I think I did that this week and hopefully we can build on it for the next week.

On three true freshman on the offensive line:
It doesn't really matter to us who's on the line, we just go out there and do what we're supposed to do and do our assignments.

On 18 true freshman playing and losing the redshirt year:
It doesn't really bug me because the team needed me this weekend. If the team needs me and my number is called, I'll step up and I'll be right there. I was supposed to redshirt, and it's gone now so it doesn't really matter.

On if he thought much about the game-plan:
I just went out and tried to play my game. I do the protection that's called, the run that's called, it doesn't much matter.

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