VIDEO: Barr On Mariota

Anthony Barr discusses what impressed him about Marcus Mariota, what he saw on film from the defense, and how much confidence can be drawn from that first half...

Anthony Barr talks about Oregon:

On the Oregon game:
I thought we played well for the most part. We just fell apart a little bit. It's disappointing.

On if he has any idea why it fell apart:
I don't. It wasn't anything specific. It wasn't one player or person. We have to regroup.

On if they take anything from the first half:
Something to build on I guess. We should have built on that during the game and not after. We should have stopped the bleeding right when it happened, but we didn't do it.

On the speed of Oregon:
They're fast but I don't think we were overwhelmed at any point. They only had one long run that ended up in a touchdown, we weren't in the right spot, but I don't think their speed beat us.

On if Oregon's offense played faster than UCLA's offense:
They were slower than how we practice. They had a couple of series where they went pretty fast, but I don't think it was anything different. We needed some stops.

On their aggressiveness tackling:
With any opponent, you stop them where they're at, don't let them get any yards. I don't think we placed any other emphasis on that.

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