VIDEO: Mazzone on Hundley

Quarterbacks Coach Taylor Mazzone talked about the state of Brett Hundley and all of the factors contributing to his recent performances...

On what he's seen from Brett Hundley the past few games:
If you look at the defenses we've had to go against, top tier defenses, I believe in our game plan. We have to find a way to protect him in the pocket. And find a way to move the ball and give a different look for the defenses.

On the confidence in the offensive line:
We know in the quarterback room that you're not always going to have a perfect pocket. He's learning that as well. He needs to still believe that trust and understand those guys will protect him. We understand that he'll have to sit in the pocket and take a shot in the face to get the ball downfield.

On if the offensive line injuries have rattled his confidence:
Since August, he's had his difference of those five guys starting for him. With Quess going in there, we didn't know what he was going to bring, but he did an excellent job in there. We understand that protection is good, he can trust it and make plays downfield.

On if they feel the worst is over with the offensive line injuries:
Every day we try and get better, but I believe the confidence and trust he understands what he needs to do. The playbook is still the same. The trust is there.

On how they're trying to work Hundley back:
Obviously during practice we have to work on that more, see the same looks and same kind of pressure, and if he can do it in practices, he can do it in games.

On if he's done it in practice:
He's done it. Obviously it's a whole different show when the lights are on. I thought he did an excellent job moving the ball and doing what we're asking him to do. There are some key things he needs to work on, but as a whole, we're going to get better throughout practice and figure that out.

On if Colorado is a good game to get things back on track:
The passing game of last game, the quarterback room we didn't feel it, but it's a great opportunity against Colorado's defense to get back to doing it.

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