VIDEO: Perkins on Starting Role

Paul Perkins talked to us about being the starting tailback, the transition it's been for him, what he needs to improve, and more...

Paul Perkins talked to us after practice Tuesday.

On being the starter:
It's cool. I like it. When Jordon was starting, I looked to him for advice and leadership when he'd come to the sideline. I'd go to my coaches and go to him and Malcolm, but it's a nice transition.

On the offensive line:
The line is working their butts off in practice and it's obviously showing on Saturday's. It's a testament to how good they're doing.

On his performance in the last game:
I was just a little more focused. I knew we had to do good because this is our season.

On the importance of the run game:
The pass needs the run, but the run needs the pass, you know what I'm trying to say. You need to run the ball to throw the ball.

On the transition to being an every down back:
It's not bad, I'm working with Coach Alosi, so I'm getting my body right and doing the right stuff to it.

On taking a redshirt year:
It was extremely helpful because I was able to learn from Johnathan Franklin and he taught me a lot and I'm just really thankful and blessed to have him.

On what he needs to do to improve:
I need to recognize the defense and pick up some rushers and recognizing the defenses is going to help my game and play faster.

On what could change with Jordon James returning:
It's up to Coach Broussard. We're all capable of doing it.

On using so many true freshman:
The coaches obviously see something that they can contribute to the team. Redshirting is a blessing but playing is a blessing.

On the offense overall:
I'm not sure. The coaches know all of that. I just have to focus on the running backs and the steps and busting the holes and all that.

On if there is a sense of urgency:
We felt like that before the Stanford game. Since we did lose two games, we have to kick it in high gear and know we need to win out.

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