VIDEO: Klemm on Young O-Line

Adrian Klemm talks about how the offensive line has done over the last two weeks and what might happen once Simon Goines and Conor McDermott return...

Adrian Klemm:

On his young lineman:
They're playing alright. This last game, I thought they did fairly well in the run game, averaged about 5 yards a carry. In the passing game, there were some individual breakdowns at some times, but as a group I thought we blocked fairly well.

On Scott Quessenberry:
I thought he did pretty good. The guy he was going against most of the game is supposed to be fairly highly drafted. Maybe a second or third round guy. I think what he's going against, he did fairly well. A couple times he got himself in trouble, wasn't for lack of effort, but technique wise. Was lunging, trying to be overly aggressive. That guy is 6-6, 6-7, he got there a little early to negate the length differential, but those are the things he'll learn from and build on the success from last week.

On Brendel's improved snaps:
Scott's been taking center reps. That stadium was a lot louder than Utah's was. Jake was trying to do it all the first time around. This time he had a lot of help with Scott. He was making the calls. When Jake snapped the ball, it wasn't a surprise. Scott helped him out. I was really proud of them, especially in that environment.

On if the offense opens up with confidence in the line:
I don't know. I found out about some of that stuff at the same time you guys did. I didn't know it was that big of an issue at the time. Like I told the guys, we're not going to make excuses for ourselves. I hold my guys to different standards. They're not freshman and we're not going to treat them like freshman. We'll do our job. We'll work on it in the room and come out here and get better every week. Those guys who play for me now, their play is a reflection of me. The way I look at it is, when I recruit a certain guy, with a certain mindset and that's to come in and play right away. You ask for this opportunity, you get it, you grab the bull by the horns and you take advantage of it, and that's what those guys try to do. It's a matter of going and making plays.

On the line when Goines returns:
It's one of those things that I have to deal with. I don't know when he's going to come back, they're just out there working at it every single day, when their time comes, they're ready. I want continuity but at the same time, I don't want a guy to lose his job to injury. But if we're rolling and going good and playing well, I don't see any reason to shake it up, regardless of if Simon comes back. If he can help us out, he can shore up things and we're having issues, and he can make things better, he's going to have that opportunity. At the same time, Scott didn't complain at all about losing his redshirt, he didn't bat an eye about it and I feel like if a guy is going to do that, I'm going to give him every opportunity to earn that spot and play throughout the season. Like I always say, most places guys have a couple of years to get ready for it, but if he's up for the challenge, why not let him take over the spot he's earned?

On if he's had redshirted guys complain about losing redshirt midway through the year:
I was fortunate at SMU, I had the same five for four years. I've been in a position where I had freshman play before, but not due to injury. Alex started because he was our best guard and Caleb was right in there. If you recall, Scott was the starting left guard in Day One in camp, but from a physical standpoint just wasn't ready so I gave him it off from a mental standpoint. It was a lot. Most freshman, not just in our program, it's a lot for them. He's not quite at the point where he needs to be at, but a lot better than when he first came in. Some of those things he lacked, like when X came back from his mission, the strength, he can make up for in his suddenness and athleticism. He comes from a good program, and a good coach and some things he recognized earlier and made him look faster and stronger than he is because he's so sudden

On if he needs to shut down Goines physically:
I don't want to be selfish, so if he can help us out, he'll be out there. Alex is playing with one hand and Jake had some issues, but like last year, he's not going to pull himself out. If there able, they'll get out there and do it, if it's not their league. He feels the same way I do, you owe it to your team to give all you've got and more. We've got a chance to do something special and trying to get a national championship, so put it out there on the line every week and be out there. If he's feeling that it's time to get on the field, I'll get him back in there. If not, we'll go back to where it is.

On Xavier Su'a-Filo as a tackle:
I feel comfortable with X at tackle and I don't want to move him around. He's not just playing for us, he's playing for things after. When he's all said and done here, I want to give him every opportunity to show what he can do. I'm sure he doesn't care, but just being there myself, when I was in college, I know that he'd probably feel more comfortable being at one position, whether that's guard or tackle, just staying in one place for the rest of the season. It doesn't have anything to do with our personnel, it has to do with helping guys succeed and putting them in a position to have success.

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