VIDEO: McCarthy on his Body

Ellis McCarthy talks about the health of his knee, where he is weight-wise at the moment, and how he did against Oregon...

Ellis McCarthy:

On his knee:
My knee feels great right now, I've been practicing, doing rehab and just getting back for this week. I just hurt it during the game. Not the same injury, nowhere near is bad. I can play on it and practice on it.

On his game against Oregon:
From the loss to Stanford, we were really fired up. I felt like I had to change a lot of things, my film study, the way I practiced, and after we lost to Oregon, that's what I did. The loss to Stanford.

On his own improvements:
I feel like my practice habits, my workout habits, the way I eat, my recovery after every game. Having football knowledge and trying to take care of my body. I've been losing weight. With our coaching staff and our training staff, lifting coaches, they all help us maintain what we need to be. Feeling good right now. During the offseason, we basically worked on losing weight, cracking down for the season. My ultimate goal weight is down to 290. I'm 315 right now. I have a ways to go but I can do it.

On the younger defensive linemen:
It's a great competition, they help me out a lot. They push me to run to the ball. Even when I'm tired, to keep going.

On if they ask him for advice:
Not so much with football, but with outside things.

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