VIDEO: Evans on Getting in Sync

Senior wide receiver Shaquelle Evans discussed how the passing game can get back in the groove...

Shaquelle Evans talked to us during Colorado week.

On Colorado:
They're a team that is going to go out there and play hard and give it their all. Their record shows otherwise, but they're a team that will go out there, give it their all and try to win.

On the downfield passing game:
Things just haven't been clicking. It happens sometimes like that during the season and that's when your focus and intensity has to go up. We look at the film, get things fixed and try to get better.

On how they can improve that:
Just communicating, making sure we're all on the same page. Basically getting on the same page is the biggest thing.

On if the passing game struggles against Oregon was a wake-up call:
Oh I definitely feel like it was a wake-up call. This is probably the worst two-week stretch of offense we've had since I've been here. 24 points in two weeks? I think everyone feels the same way and we'll definitely improve on it.

On how they can improve:
Just go out there and execute. We know we can do it. We started the season pretty well. Pretty much our last two games have been the worst games. We know what we have to do and need to do so we need to just get back to the drawing board and refocus.

On if getting open is an issue:
It's everybody. Sometimes we're open, and maybe the line wasn't blocking and Brett wasn't seeing. It's everybody, it's not one group.

On Oregon's secondary:
It wasn't anything why we scored 14. He lined up across me in the slot a couple times and I was open. Pretty much every time he guarded me, I got open. But Brett just didn't have much time or something.

On if Colorado is a much needed home game:
We played two tough teams on the road so it's good to be back home. It's the game where we can get refocused and ramped up for stretch time because we know a Pac-12 title is still in our control. We still control it and it's a great week to get back.

On if it being a home game is a big game:
Every game is a big game now. We have to win to reach our goal. Just being back home is a big thing. Being on the road for two really good teams, being back home is a great thing.

On if there is more urgency:
Oh definitely. When you lose two in a row, the standards here are raised, so losing two in a row is something we can't have here, so when that does happen, the focus is ramped up, the intensity is ramped up, and that's what you'll see this weekend and moving forward, just the intensity of the scout team going even harder.

On the difference in losing two in a row this year compared to last:
Last year, it was a weird circumstance, playing Stanford in a meaningless game for us and then playing them again a week later, and then playing Baylor in a bowl game, with a month to prepare, that was a weird situation. With it being in the middle of the season, that's just unacceptable, and you can just feel it around here, it's a different intensity level.

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