VIDEO: Mazzone after Colorado

Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about the running game and Brett Hundley's improved performance on Saturday...

Noel Mazzone:

On the offense:
We're trying to mold together a bunch of new faces. So you're going to go through a few ups and downs. I was proud of how he hung in there and he's hanging in there. And he trusts them.

On the biggest difference in Hundley:
I thought he as the game went on, held his composure in the pocket. I thought the whole night he did a nice job, the young kids hung in there. I was really happy that he developed a 'you to me' factor with Shaq and JP and I think there is a trust factor he had with both guys and I'm glad he's now getting the ball in those guys hands.

On if he thought he went through his progressions a little more:
Yeah, it wasn't 1-2-3, where's the rush. You can look at any level, any place, and quarterbacks go through that. And especially with the new faces he's got looking at him in the huddle. I was very proud of him. That they came in there and hung in there and kept battling. We added a few more explosive plays in there tonight, which was fun, it felt like the old days.

On the first two series starting slow:
After the first two series, I was trying to find my Uber app on my phone to see if they could get an SUV to come pick me up. But that was kind of the game plan, sometimes, my stubbornness. I always want to feel like I can get a running game going. Finally I said, screw it, lets sling it down the field. And Devin made a big play and then Brett kind of started feeling good. You could hear everyone taking a breath when that happened.

On the run game:
I thought it was good, it was fun when I saw Thiggy. Jordon still has a little bit of a nick there, and he works hard, but it was good to see Paul and those guys, I thought they did a nice job.

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