VIDEO: Zumwalt on Defense

Jordan Zumwalt talks about the defensive performance against Colorado...

Jordan Zumwalt:

On missing Eric Kendricks:
First, with EK, he's a defensive leader and he gives all the calls, and sometimes you don't have to think, you just go, 'ok, cool'. Now, with Isaac out there, he's just a young guy, but he played really well, exceptional given the circumstances. His number got called and he did really well and everybody made up for EK not being out there and every one made up for the calls on the defense and I think Isaac played really well.

On if that's a tough spot for a freshman:
Absolutely, it's the middle backer. Absolutely. Especially filling EK's shoes, he's our defensive leader and the stud of our defense. I think that he did a good job under the pressure.

On the aggressive penalties:
Stuff happens man, it's football.

On returning a kick:
Ah man, that was so fun. Hey running the ball is fun, I didn't think it was that much fun. I got a nice adrenaline rush running the ball. That was a lot of fun. I wish I had better vision, I wish I had offensive guy vision, to see where the hole was, I heard there was a big hole, but I didn't see it. But yeah, that was a lot of fun.

On the last time he played offense:
High school. I keep trying to tell Mazzone 'hey man, tight end, tight end,' but no love.

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