VIDEO: Thigpen on Big Game

Damien Thigpen talks about how it felt to score again, where he is in terms of confidence in his knee, and how close he is to completely back...

Damien Thigpen:

On playing at Arizona next week:
The environment, when you're away and playing on the road is always going to be loud. The older leadership on the team is going to have to get the young guys to come along. I feel like, we're not going to blink. The young guys, they're not freshman anymore. They've had their experiences and they've been battle tested so they'll be good.

On getting his comeback going:
It's all about confidence as a player. I feel like players that are confident in their abilities end up doing things they didn't think they were able to do. It's high risk, high rewards, the more confidence you get, the more you take chances and make those plays.

On feeling like he's got his confidence:
Definitely. In the reps I bring, it's important. Game reps and practice reps are very different. When the game is live and the bullets are live, you don't practice in the Rose Bowl every day, you don't practice in Tucson every day. So getting the game reps is really helpful.

On if he feels 100%:
I definitely feel pretty good. I don't feel like there are restrictions on my body. I'm willing to give the coaches everything that I've got.

On getting into the end zone:
It feels really good. You know, it was an all encompassing moment. I finally made it back to the end zone and I'm pretty excited.

On if he had an epiphany about having his burst back:
I wouldn't say an epiphany, but I did notice to myself, talking with Coach Broussard about it, I looked at myself, I think it was Thursday, and I saw myself making a move, and I thought 'that looked kind of good, that looked like my old self.' So you know what, I'm much improved than I was a few weeks ago. It was a different move (from the coaches one), that was a kickoff return. Coach Ulbrich had to rewind it a couple of times, saw that I got my step back. It was good giving me confidence going back into the game.

On if he plans to return kicks soon:
You know what, yeah. I plan to. It's up to me, Coach Ulbrich and Coach Mora and what they want, but I did a great job today.

On if he had more time could have taken his long run to the end zone:
It's really just me keeping my feet, making a good move and staying on balance. I kind of got up, kind of restarted so it kind of sucked, but it's alright because it was still a good play.

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