VIDEO: Judge on Playing Special Teams

Cameron Judge talks about how he accepted his role on special teams this year and where he anticipates playing in the future...

Cameron Judge:

On his special teams play:
It feels good. The best part about it is everyone on the team truly appreciates what all the special teams guys are doing out there. Coach Mora really makes an emphasis. It doesn't really feel unnoticed, especially to me. There are three parts of a game, and if I can contribute on one of them, than I'm more than glad to do so.

On he and Jayon Brown's impact on special teams:
We love it. Before every kickoff, we're finding each other and are like 'we've got another shot, we've got another shot.' We just have a lot of fun out there, playing together, just doing what we can to help out.

On playing right away:
Coming out of high school, I always wanted to play right away. I knew I'd have to work for it and probably knew it would have to be on special teams. Just going in to camp, I just did what I could, on special teams, defense, whatever. And I just ended up where I am and I'm happy with my spot right now.

On if the coaches said he may just play primarily on special teams:
Not really. We always are competing at practice still and if they needed me on defense, I'd be ready. I still go to meetings, I haven't been disbanded from the defense. When I'm on the field, I just hope to have the coaches trust me and I just do what I'm told.

On growing in the defense:
It's coming along pretty well, especially the older guys, Jordan, Anthony and EK, they're always willing to help. Outside of meetings, whenever, just having them there is a big plus, guys around the system and playing pretty well if you haven't noticed. Having them around is a huge bonus. Coach Brick, the assistant coaches, they're always trying to help so it's been nice.

On the benefits of playing on the scout team:
It's been cool. Just being able to help our offense, since I'm not getting as many reps on defense, it's been perfect. Being able to help out the offense, and being able to help the team has been perfect. I'm mostly working at inside right now.

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