Mora's Sunday Teleconference

Jim Mora updates some of the injuries and talks about the penalty breakdown from Saturday's game against Colorado...

Looking at the tape, were you able to sort out the penalties? Were you a little more concerned about the number?

I was actually less concerned this week than any week this season besides last week about the penalties because for the most part they were aggressive penalties. Couple of them probably were, you know, I maybe saw them a little bit different than the officials. I'm not going to fault Myles Jack for going in there, that roughing the kicker. He's fighting his tail off to get in there and they called a facemask on him where he clearly grabbed the guy by the chest. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how we're going to be calling roughing the passer. The things that really concern me the most are the unforced ones, false starts, offsides. We didn't have any false starts for the second week in a row. We had one offsides. We didn't have any presnap penalties, so that's a good sign for us.

Jim, we saw Fabian and Anthony Jefferson leave at the end of the game. Are they all right, do you have any updates on their status?

No. Fabian came back in.

Oh, I didn't see him. So no news on him?

No news.

Was it an ankle that he had..?

Not sure, actually. I haven't even looked at the injury report. I've been told not to worry about anybody, I think we're all in pretty good shape. I think we're OK.

And with Jordon James?

Yeah, I think he just tweaked it a little. He's OK. And EK will be back, so that'll help.

How did Isaac Savaiinaea do in Eric's place on Saturday?

He did very well. Isaac played very very well in his first start. Looked very comfortable, had a very good command of the defense and what he was supposed to do, tackled well. He played well. I'm excited about that.

How many true freshman did play yesterday again?

Oh, I don't know, nine started. Eight or nine started. I think 18 or 19 played, but I don't know. I don't count anymore. A lot, how about that? Actually, if you want me to tell you exactly, hold on now. Want me to tell you?

Yeah, fine, that'd be good.

Ok, give me a second here, and then I will tell you how many freshmen played in the game.

While you're thinking about that, Jim, did it look to you like Colorado was very talented at holding?

Holding for field goals??

No, holding for pass rushers.

Oh, I don't know. I don't complain about holding much. In the NFL, you get held every down. That's the last thing we worry about.

<long pause>

It looks like 15, am I short?

16. 16 played.

Did they look pretty good?

The freshmen?

Yeah, the freshmen.

Yeah, they're improving every week. Every week.

With Jordon James, he didn't get a lot of carries, but how important was it for him to get back in and just get reps again?

We feel very good about where he is in his recovery. He actually took the most snaps of any of our running backs. He had the most plays.

Could you see on film, aside from Damien's long run, the running backs had kind of a tough go of it. Were they loading up on you guys?

Yeah, they were just stuffing the box.


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