VIDEO: Hundley on His Improvement

Brett Hundley talks about the deep bomb to Devin Fuller and how that helped the offense get out of its rut...

Brett Hundley:

On seeing Colorado's quarterback go at it with Anthony Barr:
I felt scared for him. It's not smart to talk to AB like that, especially as a quarterback. He's going to get to you one way or another. And he got to him.

On stretching the ball down field:
Huge. I think that's a big part of this offense and making safeties play honest, teams are trying to stop this offense but keeping the safeties about 10-12 yards, so we have to make sure those safeties get back there and if they don't we have to take shots on them.

On if the matchups the two weeks before were the reason:
I believe there were a lot of matchups we picked on this week. At the end of the day, I honestly believe our receivers, no matter who we're going up against, can really do what they're supposed to going downfield and I just have to give them the opportunity.

On if the offensive line stepped up:
They did a great job this week. They're coming around, doing great and going to do big things and I give a lot of credit to them. I was in the pocket, just chilling back there.

On the long ball helping things click:
It's all consistency. I think the main thing, even in an offense, is consistency and understanding if a defense is going to play low on you, you have to consistently hit a deep ball and take shots at deep balls. It may not mean you're going to complete it every time, but letting the defense know that we're going to take chances going deep.

On if hitting the deep ball helped his confidence:
It's all hit or miss. Sometimes you can miss a couple, sometimes you hit a couple. It's all there, we just have to make sure we hit the ones we need to.

On where the touchdown pass to Fuller ranks on his TD passes:
That was pretty sweet. It was pretty sweet, I enjoyed that one. I don't know about rankings, but it was high. Top five. That was a pretty bomb right there. That was a pretty one.

On if the offensive line's improvement allows him to hold on to the ball longer:
The OLine played so well. Credit to them again. I think just being able to feel comfortable in the pocket, and going through my reads and progressing, and just getting the ball out of my hands made my job easier.

On Devin Fuller's progression as a receiver:
Huge and I think everybody can see that. As far as he's come from last year to this year. He's made huge strides in his game and working on his assets and abilities. He's going to be a great receiver for us. He has a different step to him. He's more smarter. We have that connection where I know where he's going to be. I know how he's going to run his route and where he's going to be and what I'm looking for. I think this whole year we've sort of had it but this game I realized how strong it was. Understanding his depth and he's knowing where I'm looking at.

On Arizona:
I know they're a pretty good defense. We're going to get in the film room today and start on them. We had to finish off the Colorado film and going over that. Now we're on to UofA. We're going to learn the defense a little bit, check it out and get ready for Saturday.

On if he knew the pass to Fuller was a good one when he threw it:
To be honest, everyone I try to throw, it's always open. There are some where you're like 'ah, shoot' but at the same time, that one felt good coming out of the hand, he ran a nice route and I got the ball to him and he went for the score.

On concerns going into Saturday:
Not really. As long as we stay on our plan, the defense does what they have to do, which they will, and we stick to the game plan, everything will work out fine.

On the Jay-Z/Roc-Nation rumors:
To be honest, I have no idea. I guess stuff like that happens. I was talking to the coaches about it. I guess when you have a decision to make, people throw stuff out like that. It's where it is.

On if he's had any contact with them:

On how much different the offense is with the downfield pass:
I think that's really key in this offense. In order to have the success and movement of this offense, you have to be able to have that deep ball threat. Just because with this offense, you can play everyone low and you have the short and intermediate throws and runs, so you have to be able to push the defense back and make sure they cover the whole field. And that's what the goal of this offense is- if they come up, we're going to go deep and do what we do best and that's move the ball downfield.

On how he relaxes:
I sort of keep to myself a lot. I think as a quarterback that's one of the things you have to understand, quieting down on social media and just finish the season strong.

On if he watches the NFL:
I try to watch a lot. I didn't check out any yesterday, but it helps now knowing the game and understanding it the way I do. I think watching the game and understanding how to read a defense and pick up on things.

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