VIDEO: Fuller on Deep Plays

Devin Fuller talks about the game plan against Colorado and the big 76 yard touchdown catch in the first half...

Devin Fuller:

On the deep touchdown from Hundley:
It felt real good. Brett went through his progressions and I was just happy enough to get open over the top of the safeties so it was good.

On if he'd ever had three touchdowns in a game before:
In high school I had. I had a couple of fives. That was my first multi-touchdown game in college so that was a big step for me.

On the improvement:
I think it's just that Brett had more time to throw this game with the line being able more to do what they had to do because after two hard weeks with two great opponents in Oregon and Stanford, they've been working hard to protect Brett, so when Brett has time to throw, he's a great quarterback and he found the open receivers.

On being open downfield more:
It's just the game plan stuff. I know Oregon and Stanford they do different things than Colorado does so the coaching was a little, they had me going on deeper routes. I get to stretch the field a little more instead of swing routes and I'm happy to help the team.

On going through the play that led to the first touchdown:
The play was a post but the safety sat on the inside so I had to take it over the top and Brett threw a great ball on it. My eyes got big when I saw it in the air and I just happened to come down with it.

On going downfield more on Arizona:
I hope so. The coaches haven't really expressed a game plan to us, but we'll be ready for it. But I hope so. I hope we connect on those deep balls. Every receiver wants to connect those deep balls. Everyone is going to be open and have the opportunity to catch those and do great things.

On how good the offense is when they can go downfield:
The safeties can't play the run as well because the safeties didn't make a lot of plays in the running game because they weren't sitting on a lot of swing routes. When you stretch the field, it keeps the safeties kind of honest. It was a good showing of how we can stretch the field.

On Stanford and Oregon's defense:
They're great, those two teams. Their front seven brings pressure with them. Not making any excuses but our line was a little inexperienced but it's no excuse so this week, when they had some games under their belt, you have a true freshman who's first game is against Oregon, a great way to start your college career, but his second time he did a great job. All of the offensive line did a great job.

On what they took away from those losses:
The kind of heart we have as a team, because after losing two straight games, the Pac-12 opponents, it's hard, but going into the season, we just have to see how we respond and that was a step in the right direction.

On if he felt primed for a game like that as a receiver:
The game plan had me going on deeper routes, and I knew I would have the opportunity to have a long completion but I've been working hard for a while now and learning the position. I know a lot of the receivers were open on the longer passes. That was just a progression in the routes and I give all the credit for Brett throwing.

On returning kicks:
Hopefully, they put me back there and keep me back there.

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