VIDEO: Barr on Penalties

Anthony Barr talks about the penalty calls against UCLA on Saturday and the odd full-weight personal foul call...

Anthony Barr:

On the defense against Colorado:
We did alright. It was an average performance overall. Get some things corrected.

On the penalties:
I'm just going to play the way I play. Let them make the judgment calls. I don't think we're ever concerned. It's going to happen during the course of the season, we've got to try and limit them. I'm sure all team get them at some point, we may get them more than others.

On the full weight penalty:
I've never seen that. That was a first.

On their reaction in the film room:
Keep being aggressive and play your style.

On if officials are calling things differently:
I think that's my third one this year, but I don't think it's been too much different.

On what he expects from Arizona:
They're going to be gunning for us. We beat them last year. And they'll be out for revenge so we have to bring our A game. They have better receiver play. They were coming off a tough win last year when we beat them. They'll be ready for us.

On how they can improve on defense:
I think everything. No one is satisfied with everything. We can do a better job in pass coverage this week. Holding Paul to 70 yards is a big thing because he's a great receiver.

On his all-around improvement:
Last week I felt more comfortable and worked on it a lot in practice so I've definitely improved on that. The formation tendencies.

On how much he watches the quarterbacks eyes:
It depends on the call but usually I'm on his eyes.

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