VIDEO: Ortiz on Playing Slot

Jalen Ortiz talks about the improvements he's made this season and playing slot receiver behind Devin Fuller...

Jalen Ortiz:

On the win over Colorado:
It was a great win coming off that two-game losing streak and to finally get that W in the win column, that was a great feeling.

On his improvement:
I'm just trying to keep learning. Learning from Coach Yarbs and from Devin Fuller who's ahead of me and just keep learning as much as I can and keep applying it.

On what he's learned from Devin Fuller:
I've learned a lot. He's helped me so much since I've been here. In high school I just played running back and coming here I've just played receiver so he's been like a big brother to me and helped me out a lot. Devin is a great athlete and we all see it out here in practice, I see it personally because I'm around him every day, but yeah, it was about time he had one of those games. He's had some more time at receiver than I have but he helped me a lot with my releases and the little techniques you need to have. He made a great adjustment and I'm trying to do the same.

On playing back in his home state of Arizona:
Arizona is a great state, the University of Arizona is a great school and I'm just excited to go back home and have a lot of family watch a great game. I expect it to be a lot, so I'm looking forward to it. Some family members I haven't really talked to are hitting me up for tickets, but it will be fun, I'm looking forward to seeing everybody after the game, so it will be fun.

On finding a rhythm against Colorado:
We know we needed to stay on track and just do what we needed to do and do our own job. We knew everything would take care of itself.

On the offensive line stepping up:
The OLine did a great job. Coach Klemm is a great coach and they're just out here working every day, giving all they have.

On playing defensive back:
With other schools recruiting me, yes, but here it was always playing that slot receiver. Always in the slot.

On the second half adjustments:
I guess we just relaxed a little bit. We didn't make too many adjustments, we just needed to relax and play UCLA football.

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