VIDEO: Mora on Tuesday

Coach Jim Mora talked Tuesday after practice about Arizona tailback Kadeem Carey, the Arizona offense, and more...

Opening statement:
With daylight savings, it's a little different being out here after the sun came up. But it was a good practice. We're excited about the challenge of going to Arizona. It was good to get a win the other night and get back on track. Arizona is a good football team, 6-2, 3-2 in the Pac-12. They run the ball extremely well. Kadeem Carey is a great player. They take a lot of pride in the way they play defense. They fly around, they swarm, they hit, they tackle. It will be a great game and we look forward to it.

On Kadeem Carey:
Oh he's a great one. He's an excellent football player. What is he, second in the country in rushing? First last year? So that tells you what you need to know right there, he's a great football player. I think he's a guy who gets better each time you watch him play. He was great last year and he is better this year and next year he'll be great at the next level.

On being the last team to keep him under 100 yards:
We got the lead early so they probably had to throw it more than they wanted to. You don't necessarily bottle up Kadeem Carey, you try to limit his explosive plays against you. You don't lead the nation in rushing, you don't just stop those guys, it's going to be a great test for us.

On Arizona's offensive scheme:
It's effective. They make you think. You look at them casually and you see the four wide sets and you think they're just going to sling it all over the yard, but they have a great rushing offense. They're averaging 280 yards a game running the football, that's pretty impressive.

On if that plays into their match up:
It plays well to our match up if we play well, and read our keys and we tackle well. They present some challenges because they get a great athlete in space. We have to have great balance and swarm and get this guy to the ground.

On Fabien Moreau:
He's doing great. He was out here today. He'll be ready to go Saturday.

On Jordon James:
He'll be ready to go Saturday. Simon will be ready to go Saturday. Eric Kendricks will be ready to go Saturday, so that's good news.

On Simon Goines:
He'll be in a reserve role. I don't think he's 100% healthy yet, but he's ready to go. We just want to work him back.

On Scott Quessenberry:
Having a background at center helps. When you're at center, you're responsible for a lot of calls, a lot of adjustments, you have to identify certain fronts. You have to identify rotations in the back end that might indicate blitzes. Having that background I think helps him. It was kind of funny, during the game, I said to Brett, 'lets pick up the tempo a little bit.' And he said, 'well, if I can get my left guard Peyton Manning to quit making these calls, we could go a little faster.' That's pretty good. Because you see Scott, he gets down and he's pointing everyone out, so it's funny that Brett, during the game, he said that. I got a kick out of that.

On if he's more cerebral:
He's just more mature and confident. Nothing bothers him. I don't know if you've met his parents, but he's got an older brother who plays in the NFL. He was a walk-on and a finalist for the Burlsworth Trophy, which shows you the character he has. If you met his parents, you'd understand why Scott is how he is. His dad is this amazing guy, a military man and nothing fazes Scott. He's got a lot of confidence in himself, he works very hard, he's very conscientious. He understands the game. He really does.

On the tempo:
It's hard with three freshman offensive lineman. We have to identify things. You just don't move as smoothly. Our tempo has been ok. We're fine. I like where we're at. What I like is good plays when the ball is snapped. That's more important than anything.

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