VIDEO: Brown on Special Teams, Position

True freshman Jayon Brown talked about playing special teams, and about being at linebacker after first starting at safety...

Freshman Jayon Brown talked to us after practice during Arizona week.

On his fumble recovery against Colorado:
It was a big play, just giving the ball back to our offense, with great field position, to let them score.

On playing special teams this season:
I love special teams. With different special teams, you learn different techniques. You can bring special teams techniques to defense and my position.

On playing as a true freshman but primarily on special teams:
I'm happy with it. I love special teams and contributing to my team and doing the most I can to help my team.

On being named Pac-12 Special Teams Player of the Week:
It was a great feeling and an honor. I just thank my coaches for allowing me to play. And thank the Pac-12 for giving me the award.

On Cameron Judge having a case for Player of the Week too:
I gave all the thanks to Cameron. He made the hit. It's our whole kickoff coverage, and all our special teams. We go hard and no down is off. We take things serious.

On if the kickoff team has a competition for biggest plays:
We do within ourselves. We try to make the play. We do it all within our job and whoever makes the play, makes the play.

On who's racked up the most:
Our whole special teams stands out. If you watch us, we all hunt and track the ball carrier and try to make plays.

On playing some defense against Colorado:
I'm now a linebacker. I'm very comfortable.

On playing safety previously:
I was comfortable with it, but it was my first time playing back there, being that far back there in open space, but right now, I think I'm where I'm supposed to be. I'm just trying to do everything I can to learn to play that.

On when he made the move back to linebacker:
After the New Mexico State game.

On his weight target:
215. I'm 206 right now. I've lost a lot of weight (during the season) but I'm putting it back on.

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