VIDEO: Spanos Talks Arizona

Defensive coordinator Lou Spanos talks about defending against the number of rollouts Arizona includes in the offense...

Lou Spanos:

On Eric Kendricks:
He's good. He had a good week of practice. I think the head coach addressed that yesterday (his health), but he had a good week of practice.

On if he's the all-important guy:
Eric Kendricks is a solid player. He plays, he's so physical in the run game, but then he's so athletic when they try to pass it. So getting Eric on the field, this game, is always, we'll be alright. He's a really natural football player. He has a nice natural feel of dissecting the play. If it's zone read, he knows the run keys and knows all the packages. He's real instinctive on that.

On preparing for Kadeem Carey:
We put all 11 players on the field and made sure we tackle him. Bring everyone there. He's a really good running back and he's having a great season. He's the real deal.

On if they'll need more in the box to stop Carey:
If we can get another guy on the sidelines, we have him and the quarterback and they do a nice job. Give the receivers credit too. It's always running, running, running but they pass and get the ball out there too. The whole offense does a really nice job and they complement each other.

On if B.J. Denker's running changes things:
You just adjust your angles. They do a little bit of play action, he goes either way on his play action. He's a mobile quarterback.

On the Arizona offense:
They've got their run threats, and then they have the quick passing games, and then their verticals. Coach Rodriguez does a great job on their offense. They see what the defense presents and then they counter with what they'll be successful with.

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