VIDEO: Quessenberry on Adjustments

Scott Quessenberry talks about how he's adjusted to starting and how much Jake Brendel has taken him under his wing...

Scott Quessenberry:

On playing center:
Center, you have to be a smart guy. I feel like I'm a smart, trustworthy guy, and I think most guys would be confident in me there. God forbid something happened to Jake, but I think, the next guy up, is pretty good.

On Brendel taking him under his wing:
From day one, he came in and said, 'hey we need to go over the playbook.' I didn't really think it was going to be like that, because they brought me in to compete with Jake, so I didn't really know if i was going to get an embraceful feeling from him, but he really did take me under his wing. And me and him are really good friends now. We go to get food now, me and him and X and Simon. But we're a tight group up front. Just because it's tight competition doesn't mean we're not friends. We're trying to help the team. We're trying to go out and get W's.

On how it helped him break down defenses:
A lot. I think if there is anyone who knows the game more, when people are coming, it's him. He'll look up, 'he's coming, he's coming.' I can't do that yet, but he has that instinct. Like we'll watch film together and he can tell.

On how you have those instincts:
Like out here in practice, against our defense, it's crazy because they bring so much stuff. Seeing all the crazy stuff they do in the game, it closes things down. Our defense is fast and brings a lot of pressure. It's great to go against them and it's easier in games.

On if being a center helped him with the transition:
I don't think it was me being a center, just how I grew up in a football house. My oldest brother was a walk-on at San Jose State and he was in his book and in his film constantly. Grades slip to watch film and chase a dream. I don't really think it's me being a center, it's truly caring about the game.

On if he's seen anything that's baffled him:
In practice yeah, I'll be like, where'd he go. But that's what our coaches draw up, they draw up great stuff and it makes us better as an offensive line.

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