VIDEO: Massington on Redshirting

Eldridge Massington talks about the decision to redshirt this season, how he's performed on the scout team, and when he thinks the knee will be fully healthy...

Eldridge Massington:

On adjusting to scout team:
Well, I figured out that I wasn't fully ready to be out there and then talking to my coach, he thought the best thing for me was to go work on scout team and my craft, and actually get to where I used to be.

On Jim Mora saying he's embraced the challenge:
I'm going against the one defense every day and I get to work on my craft so I might as well take advantage of that.

On the knee:
I feel like it's getting better every day. I'm strengthening it and getting it as strong as possible so I can get out of my explosives and everything back to where I used to be.

On if there was a time where he conceded he needed more work:
Hell, whenever I'm trying to plant some times and my leg is getting stuck in the ground. And I can't explode like I used to. I'm just getting back to 100%. I'm still not at 100% now.

On the length of the recovery process:
I'm fine, my knee is great, it's just my expectations for it and where it needs to be.

On what it's taking to get the confidence back in the knee:
A lot of reps and getting the trust back. It's more mental. Not thinking about things. Because my knee is fine. It's just my mental.

On being able to cut more now:
Oh yeah. I'm able to. A few months ago, I was just struggling to stop and hesitant, but now I'm just going through the flow.

On the reviews he's getting on scout team:
Oh, they love me. Coach says he can't wait to get me in the spring. Coach Yarbs tells me little things he wants me to work on over there so I just do that. I just experiment on scout team.

On watching games:
It eats me up not to be out there. I'm just learning from Shaq and Jordan. I watch them and watch how they carry themselves in the game so next year when I'm out on the field, I can handle it.

On when he'll get the brace off:
I'm taking it off in the spring no matter what.

On if the brace is slowing him down:
It feels like an ankle weight on my leg. Because when I don't have the brace on, I feel like I'm 100% and can go full speed and everything is going right. But the brace is irritating.

On if he feels he can bet back to his explosive self:
Yeah, I'm pretty much there. Just keep working and taking it day by day, working with Coach Alosi on my strength every day.

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