VIDEO: Mora on Thursday

Coach Jim Mora talked about the revenge factor for Arizona, UCLA's young offensive line, injuries, and Ellis McCarthy's body...

Opening statement:
Quick injury update, Jordon James was on the bike today so we'll probably hold he and Simon, we're not really sure. But we'll probably hold those guys out. We've played without them, so next guy steps up. I'm excited about where our offensive line is and that's a big deal. Steven Manfro is not quite ready. Jerry Neuheisel hurt his thumb and had a little procedure on that, so he should be able to hold on Saturday night. Other than that, I think we're in good shape. The guys that we've lost previously.

On Fabien Moreau:
He's good. He practiced full go today. He's good. He's 100% ready to roll. I mean, I don't know if he's 100%, but he's 100% ready to roll.

On Mike Fafuel being the backup quarterback:
Uh, I don't know. I mean I do know. I do know, you just don't get to know. How about that.

On moving Devin Fuller back to quarterback:
No. Fafauel or Jake Hall. Jake's potentially going on the trip. You'll see when we get there.

On Arizona watching last year's film:
It's absolutely typical. You do it every year. That's how you prepare for your opponent. You watch the last time you played them. You have to go back and see how a team defended you, if there is no staff changes. If he hadn't have watched it, it would have been, he would watch it. That's what coaches do.

On what he saw in looking at last year's game:
Well, you don't look at the score, you look at schemes. And how they're trying to attack you and trying to defend you and what things they do in trying to give you problems.

On if last year's game was fools gold in watching it:
It's irrelevant with the school. You don't look at the score. You have to look at the scheme. You have to look at a game in continuity to see how you did. We don't look at a game, we look at technique. Maybe alterations in their scheme that they did against us that we don't do against others. We don't go 'oh look, we're up by this score'. You look at it from a practical matter.

On the offensive line:
They've done well and gotten better every week, and they'll continue to get better with more playing time. When you work hard and get repetitions, you get better and that's what I see out of those guys. The real positive is we're building tremendous depth at that position, which is what we need to do. The cupboard was pretty bare when we got here. I think Jake was here, X wasn't. Torian, but he hadn't played. So we're building a pretty good offensive line here, it's going to be pretty fun to watch here.

On Anthony Barr:
He's just scary cause he's ugly or a good player? You love having great players on your team, players that people respect and, maybe Bruce Feldman is scared of him, but players don't get scared of other players. If they did, they wouldn't be playing. He's just a great player that everyone respects and we're lucky to have him.

On the revenge factor:
I think it could give you added motivation early in the game, maybe in your preparation. But once the ball is kicked off, and you're playing, it's still about exectuation. Doing your job. Protecting the football. As the game goes on, it dissipates and turns into football.

On Ellis McCarthy:
He's having a good year. He did some good things early. It's interesting when you play that position, because he plays some nose, he plays some defensive end. In our scheme, it's not a position where you're going to get a tremendous amount of statistics. The things you do don't show up on paper. He had a sack last week. But he's doing good this year. He seems to be taking it to another level, and kind of asserting himself more. It's great to see. It kind of clicks for everyone at a different time. He's had to fight through some knee injuries. Last year, as you guys know, he even went thruogh fall camp. Even last week, I didn't know how effective he was going to be, how many snaps we'd get out of him. But he just fights through it. It's good to see.

On McCarthy saying he wants to lose weight:
He said that? OK good, I want to make sure he said that and not me. I don't even know how much he weighs right now, maybe 330? Did he tell you how much? Lets put him on the scale on the Howard Stern Show.

On McCarthy saying he wants to get to 290:
(Laughs). That's an awesome goal. If he could just drop a little bit. It's not always about weight, it's about composition. The body structure. Is it fat or is it muscle. Every week coach Alosi puts the players in the bod pod to measure their weight and composition and Ellis is always within the range of his size. I think he's just big boned.

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