VIDEO: Willis on Paying Dues

True freshman cornerback Priest Willis talked this week about his playing time so far this season, his development and more...

Priest Willis talked to us during Arizona week.

On the acclimation to college football:
It's been a different experience, but I've been adjusting to it with time. That's all I needed was time. Right now, I don't even feel like a freshman anymore. I'm developing and taking college in. And just trying to make big moves.

On talking with Fabian Moreau:
I just let Fabian know, if the coaches call my number, I'm going to be ready. I'm here to support him. Whatever coaches decide, or he decides, I don't know what he's at right now, I'm just waiting for my number to be called, but when it's called, I'm just going to go out there and support my team and help get the win.

On the plan for Saturday:
No plan right now, I'm just out here practicing, just a normal routine. Fabian is out here. If my number gets called, I'll be ready.

On if he's been frustrated by not playing as much:
Oh no. Some kids come in, thinking they're going to make a big impact, or some think they're going to redshirt. I'm just here for the team, being a team player. I'm not frustrated at all. I'm happy because we're winning, I'm in the rotation. I'm with the team, I'm traveling, that's all I can be thankful for. And I'm healthy.

On going back home to Arizona to play:
Oh man, as many tickets as I can get. Going back there and playing in Arizona, it's just great, because that's where I'm from, that's where I played high school football, and just being out on that field, playing college football because I remember taking my visits there and just to finally play on that field and to make an impact on my team and to get that victory will just be so sweet.

On what the corners have done well that's prepared him:
Playing 100% and playing with emotion and technique and never abandon my technique when I get tired. And that's what the one's do. They're relentless. They always play with technique. Even when they're tired you don't notice it. Just following in their footsteps and just to become a great corner like they're doing and have a great season.

On playing time helping him adjust:
Definitely, because I've had more time on the field and more time to build my confidence and more time to just adjust to the game. When I was out there against Colorado, it was just a different experience, and I felt like this game finally slowed down and I was seeing things and that's what I was wanting and I waited for my shot.

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