VIDEO: Redmond On Frosh OLs

The veteran of the freshman offensive linemen, Alex Redmond, talked about how the unit is doing with three true freshmen...

Alex Redmond talked to us during Arizona week.

On how things have changed for him as the season has gone on:
I feel better. Me and Caleb are playing better next to each other and we're gelling really well. We push each other hard during the game and we play off each other, which is a good thing. Me and Jake, Jake is an extremely good player and he runs our line. Playing next to him is pretty easy to know what I have to do.

On if he feels he's improved since the beginning of the season:
I've gotten a lot better, technique wise, and knowing my stuff. I was a little unsure, but I know my assignments.

On what he'd grade himself at:
Man, shoot. Like a C+. It's not good enough, not even close. I get the job done, but I just need to be more physical and keep my feet underneath me and get on people. I get my job done.

On the challenge of Stanford and Oregon as opposed to other games:
Stanford and Oregon, they're just really disciplined. So they're coming hard. Stanford and Oregon play differently so you get a little different feel for them. They come hard. They're strong and they're big dudes. It was a little tougher moving them around, but I feel like against Oregon, we got the job done.

On if there is a difference between playing next to a true freshman tackle:
It's a lot different when you have an older guy, because he's more consistent in what he does and you can get a feel for him. But me and Caleb are getting along real well on and off the field and our relationship has gotten a lot better and I feel we're playing really well next to each other. We feed off of each other and we're just two young guys in there swinging. We're learning off each other and getting better.

On if there is a bond now on the right side:
We've gotten a lot closer. We're buddies. Our friendship is blossoming.

On playing Arizona:
Just do our assignments, take our footwork and not overpursue them so much and just do our job and we'll get it done.

On three true freshman on the offensive line:
They're doing real well. We talk and Scott is a real tough, strong guy. He's doing a real good job, especially coming in later in the season. I think we're doing well together.

On the future of the offensive line:
When we turn in to those veterans like Jake and X and Torian and Simon, we're going to be that much better, and have more experience and just perfecting our game and working on it. That's already three of us who have experience, so coming back next year, it's going to be a lot of competition to play, but I believe the guys we have now are going to come out and compete hard.

On if he's trying to convince Su'a-Filo to come back:
Ah, no, X has to come out and make his money. He's got to do what he's got to do.

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