VIDEO: Goodman on Freshman Year

True freshman safety Tahaan Goodman talked about playing sparingly this year and getting acclimated to college life...

Tahaan Goodman talked to us during Arizona week.

On the biggest adjustments he's had to make:
The biggest adjustment is coming in, doing everything perfect, working hard every day, saying that nothing matters. Just going through adversity.

On if the transition has been more difficult than he thought it would be:
Nah, I expected it to be very difficult. I'm just doing as much as I can.

On what the most challenging parts have been:
The biggest challenge is waking up every day early and having a packed schedule and finding time for studying, combining football and studying.

On how that changed once school started:
It felt great for that month, but once school started, it just makes your schedule more busy so you have to manage things better. UCLA provides good tutors and people to help us with school and we have our football.

On what he's studying:
I have history, film and political science. A lot of writing, a lot of studying. My film class does scripts and writing about movies and poli sci is just about the world and the government, it's pretty interesting stuff.

On the quarter system:
I actually like it to go really fast, to get my studying in and learn the stuff and get in and take the tests and just end it. I'm trying to graduate and get as many classes done as I can.

On what he needs to work on the most:
I feel like everything can be worked on, so I'm just coming out here, and as far as just tackling, coverage, ball skills, I try to perfect.

On if he's frustrated by not playing as much as he'd liked to:
No, I'm not frustrated. I'm just enjoying anything I can help the team. Whenever the coach thinks I'm ready to get out there and help the team, I'll be out there.

On his playing time against Colorado:
In a while, it has been since maybe Nevada.

On if he felt more comfortable against Colorado:
Oh definitely, I'm being out there very comfortable. The game was a lot slower to me than it first was when I got here.

On the secondary:
I feel like the secondary is doing great. We're all in it together. The starters are out there during their thing. They know what to do. They're comfortable. They know the schemes and they're good athletes. Everything is coming together well.

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