Florida 2015 Safety Has Top Five

A college decision may happen soon for Ben Edwards, and he's focused on five schools. The 2015 safety of Jacksonville (Fla.) Trinity Christian expects to commit before the year ends. Here's the latest...

"Auburn, North Carolina, Georgia Tech, UCLA, Stanford, those are about my top five," Ben Edwards said.

The 2015 safety has a long list of offers, but he's focused on those five for now. Edwards says there is a lot to like about each school, especially Auburn.

"I probably have the best relationship with their coaches, (co-defensive coordinator) coach (Charlie) Harbison and (defensive line) coach (Rodney) Garner. They like me a lot, they love my film. My parents like them, we had a talk with my parents and everything, everything's good over there," he said.

He also visited Auburn this season for the Mississippi State game, and loved the atmosphere there.

"It was pretty crazy, the fans are crazy, it was fun," Edwards said.

He's also visited North Carolina and Georgia Tech this year.

"North Carolina, (Defensive coordinator) coach (Dan) Disch, he likes my film a lot, he loves what I'm about, he likes physical safeties. It's a great school, I can get a good education as well," he said.

"Georgia Tech, they love me a lot, they probably love me the most. I talk to (A-backs) coach Lamar (Owens) probably every week, just building a relationship with him and everything," he said.

Stanford and UCLA round out the top five, and Edwards is hoping to check them out this season if he can get all the plans worked out.

"Stanford, it's a great academic school. I can go there and get a really good education. They have a really good football program, good coaching staff," he said.

"UCLA, I haven't talked to them as much, but it's a good football program, good academics as well."

The 6-foot, 190-pound safety plans to commit before the end of the year, and a few factors will influence his choice.

"(My biggest factor is) probably who I have the best relationship with as far as coaches. Academics as well, early playing time (will be important), and just who I feel the most comfortable with," he said.

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