Mora's Sunday Teleconference

Jim Mora updates a few injuries and talks about the decision to accept a holding penalty on what would have been a 4th down for Arizona...

What are Damien Thigpen and Eric Kendricks' statuses after the game?

Good. Thiggy's a little sore but Kendricks came through pretty well. He wasn't ultra-effective, like he usually is, but he was a little better for having gone through the games, so he should be good. Damien was in a boot today just as a precautionary thing. But there wasn't a lot of swelling, and he was walking around pretty good. You know, Eric will be fine, we'll see on Damien. Short week makes it a little tougher obviously.

Jim, has there been any talk with the two coordinators regarding Myles Jack?

With regards to what?

Myles Jack, is there a little bit of fighting now to…

No. He'll be a linebacker.

He's a linebacker? He looked pretty good last night at running back.

Yeah. He's been pretty good all year at linebacker.

That's true. Did you expect him to be that good at running back, though?

Oh, I don't know.

How does that short week affect your guys' preparation?

You have to still give them a chance to recover. That's important, obviously. But there's work that needs to get done, and we have one day less to do it. So we try to make it as normal as we can as we get closer to the game. I'm a real believer in routine. As we get into the Thursday morning, really actually, Wednesday, we'll start to get into our typical week of the team. Tomorrow will be a little different. Typically we wouldn't even be on the field tomorrow, but we'll have to go out and get some work in.

The decision to accept the penalty on that 4th down by Arizona, is that a game situation thing or is that an automatic call?

Totally game situation. They would have had a short 4th and 2, they were around their, I think, 40 yard line. They're going to go for it there at that point in the game. Looking back, obviously, you second guess yourself, but I think that in that situation they probably would have gone for it. I don't know for that sure, and I've second guessed that call ever since I made it. But that would not be an automatic, no. I just figured with 11 minutes, with an 11 point lead in the 4th quarter, knowing Rich Rod's history, which I do know, that there's a pretty good chance he'll go for it. 

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