VIDEO: Mora on Monday

Coach Jim Mora talked about Myles Jack, playing both ways, Anthony Barr's performance against Arizona, and facing his alma mater Huskies this week...

Opening statement:
Just start by saying thanks to our veterans. We came out here and got some work done. We wouldn't have the freedoms we have without them, so on behalf of UCLA we want to say thanks. It was a good practice. It's a short week and a lot of it is mental. It's important to get back physically as much as we can so we'll adjust the week as we see fit and try to be as sharp as we need to be on Friday night. It should be a good game, they're a good team, with a lot at stake and it should be a fun environment in the Rose Bowl. We're excited.

On Myles Jack's jersey color being white at practice:
That's because we are playing at home, and when we play at home, the offense wears dark.

On if he was surprised with Jack's performance against Arizona:
No, I wasn't surprised. He's a great football player. It didn't surprise me.

On if he'll play more running back moving forward:
It depends on the situation. We're not going to do something just to do something. It's got to have merit. Like with all of our players. If we can find a role for them that is not necessarily typical of what they do, then we're going to put them into that position. We've been doing that for two years, you saw it last year with Datone and Cassius. Same with this year, you're always looking at ways to use your talent:

On comparing Bishop Sankey to Kadeem Carey:
They're both great players. They have a little bit of a different style. Sankey is a glider and tough to tackle and a really good football player. You're talking about two of the best backs in the nation, maybe THE two best backs in the nation. Back to back, it's quite a challenge.

On Myles Jack's endurance:
Just like you tell all your players, when you play them a lot of plays, you have to be sure to keep them sharp in their game. Fortunately we have a lot of depth so if any player gets in a situation where they're tired or worn out, we try to get them out for a couple of players. 18, 19 year old players want to play. They don't want to stand on the sidelines. I think you really have to be in tune to your players. You get to know them, and you spend so much time together. I think it's just part of the deal, paying attention to that situation.

On how tough it is to play both ways:
Well he played, 115 plays the other night. That's a lot. And especially the tempo is. It's hard. It's really hard. Now if we were an offense that huddled up every play and snapped it with seconds left on the play clock, and playing a team that was similar, it would be a little bit different. But when you're playing a lot of plays, it's a little bit difficult I think you can get too cute. It was great, it worked. It's awesome. But after the game, there is a saturation point. Everyone wants to see it and they think it's great but what they forget is that coaches for the other team have prepared for it. And they're going to have an answer. You have to figure out every week the best way to win a football game. It's not like hoops, it's the ultimate team sport. You just can't go crazy.

On Anthony Barr recording no tackles:
Well, Saturday night he was tackled about six times. He probably would have had six sacks if they hadn't tackled him. He might not have had a tackle, but he got tackled. It's a shame with what they got away with. It's really a shame.

On how they determined who'd play in the special packages:
Big athletic guys. That can move. That's why you put Jordan in there. He's athletic and likes to run downhill and hit people. Keenan Graham has done it in the past. Eddie and Kenny, physical guys that have good lateral movement.

On playing his alma mater and what he expects from them:
We watched the film and prepared for their scheme. It's just a game. I couldn't care less.

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