VIDEO: Jack Prefers Linebacker

True freshman linebacker Myles Jack talked more about his two-way performance against Arizona, how he prefers linebacker, and more...

Myles Jack answered questions after Monday's practice.

On being surprised to still be practicing with the defense:
No, not at all, I play defense. Wherever they ask me to play, I'll make it happen.

On if he ever expected to be named Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Week.
No, not at all.

On being told he was named that:
Oh really? Wow. Not at all.

On if that seems strange:
A little bit, yeah, because I pride myself on defense. I guess, apparently I won it on offense, I'll take it. It's all a team thing. Couldn't have done it without the guys blocking.

On how he'd defend himself as a running back:
I'd probably go low. That's one of the reasons I don't like running back. Getting hit in the legs, I don't like that.

On if he was surprised how easy it was to break tackles:
I mean, really, it's just the situation where I had an alley or crease based on the blocking schemes. All I had to do was run, and it all worked out.

On how much he thinks he could carry during a game:
As many times as they ask me to. I'd just suck it up and do whatever the team asked me to do.

On how he felt after the game:
After the game, I was exhausted and tired. I took a nap on the plane ride home.

On some of the messages he got:
It was really just my mom, how proud of me she was and how happy she was. We landed at 3:30 in the morning and she told me to call her, because she was still up, excited. That was the most meaningful message I got.

On how many different messages he got:
I got somewhere around, maybe 90. It was a lot. A lot of people were watching them.

On his teammates being surprised:
I don't think they really knew that I played running back in high school. Just the way that everything worked out. The teammates were really excited and impressed. It was up to my blockers.

On being in the Wing-T in high school:
It was more sweeps and lead blocks. I didn't really get to go downhill. I'd rather run downhill, that's where my forte is, that's why they put me in those situations.

On if he knew he'd be in those situations:
It was tossed out there, but I didn't really believe it would happen until they actually called the package I'm in.

On how much influence he had in keeping that package on the field:
It was Brett. Brett kind of co-signed with me after I did the hand signal. We just kept going and pounded out a couple more yards.

On Washington recruiting him:
It was a daily thing. They were up at my school, I went to their games on Saturday and I was pretty much at Washington every week. I had a lot of contact with them and they recruited me just as tough as any school. My sophomore year they sent me a questionnaire. I went to their Oregon game before they made the new stadium, and that was their last game there.

On if it would be easier to play with Keith Price than Brett Hundley:
I'd rather play with Brett. Brett's a cool guy. I guess. He's my teammate (Laughs).

On schools that recruited him as a running back:
South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Georgia they did a little bit. Those were the main schools, but I wanted to play linebacker. Washington wanted me as a linebacker, but they told me I could play whichever one.

On what position he feels most comfortable:
Linebacker for sure. I like to hit. I like to tackle people, like Brett.

On how close he was to going to Washington:
It was definitely a tough decision because my mom is there, my brother is there and I spent four years of high school there. It was a tough decision, leaving home, but at the end of the day, I thought this program was heading in the right direction and I wanted to be a part of it.

On how much influence Jim Mora had on his decision:
Big time. He was recruiting me just as hard as Sarkisian was. It was a back and forth deal. I don't know, just Coach Mora, at the end of the day, I felt that Coach Mora, I don't want to disrepect Coach Sarkisian, but I just had more trust in Coach Mora and what he was saying.

On if Washington was his number two school:
Them and Arizona State. It really came down to here, Washington and ASU.

On where his Arizona performance ranks for him defensively:
I actually felt like I didn't play that well. I missed a couple of tackles and had an interception that I should have came upon. It was ok. It wasn't my best performance I played.

On how he enjoyed the game (from Brett Hundley):
It was fun, taking handoffs from Brett was a new experience.

On how he liked running back and if he felt comfortable (from Brett Hundley):
It was cool. Yeah, it was cool. It was alright.

On if he'd mind being in a couple of packages (from Brett Hundley):
If that's what you want, I'm with you.


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