VIDEO: Hundley on Improvement

Quarterback Brett Hundley talked about his performance against Arizona and the challenge of Washington on Friday...

Brett Hundley answered questions from the media after practice Monday.

On going deep the first play:
I think that was, it just sort of gets the defense back and reaffirms that we can go deep when we need to and it showed.

On if it helps the offense get in rhythm:
Yeah, I think when you start off like that it helps get the offense in a groove and confidence knowing that we're getting on pace. To come out and hit a bomb like that to start is sort of spectacular.

On Myles Jack as a running back:
He's amazing. He's real good. He's going to do big things for this program, no matter if its at running back or linebacker. Obviously he's going to play linebacker. Having him in the backfield, he's very athletic at what he does. He's a phenom and he's going to be big for us.

On his first pass to Shaq Evans helping them be in sync:
There was a lot of stuff out there, and still some some communication errors and miscommunication keys, but at the end of the day, when you connect on stuff like that, you feel really good about that.

On if there was any miscommunication on the second TD to Shaq:
Not at all, it was a fade ball, it's mano a mano.

On the connection with Shaq:
He's a senior, he knows what he's doing, he knows where I'm looking, he's intelligent, he gets a feel for what defense, what the route and the whole concept is. I try to push the receivers to not just know your route but the whole concept of the play, where I'm looking, where I'm supposed to be. He's very consistent at what he does and I like that. No matter what type of situation, fourth quarter, first quarter, two minutes left in the game, last drive, he's going to be where he needs to be.

On the offense improving in this game:
It felt really good. We came out and hit stride and it showed after the first play and we just got things going and we have to do that every week.

On preparing in a short week:
First thing is your body, getting your body right, that's huge. The second thing is game planning, just game planning right. The offense is out here going through some stuff, and more mental reps, you have to come back with physicality stuff on the field, but now it's more gameplanning and getting the mental reps.

On watching Washington on tape:
I started breaking them down (Sunday) and they're a good team. Very physical. Fast, they know what they're doing. We have to come out and play our game.

On if the week is sped up because of Friday game:
To be honest, not really. This team is mature enough to know we lost a day so we have to double up and know what we have to do going over our gameplanning and our stuff. It will be a fun game and we'll be ready.

On the jumbo package:
It's huge, huge. It takes some ease off the offense in general when you can switch up to something like that when you can get three yards a pop.

On having to remind Jordan Zumwalt he had to line up again:
Yeah, it was funny, he ran out of bounds and tried to stay out of bounds, but we had to tell him he had to come in and line up again.

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