VIDEO: Spanos on UW Offense

Defensive coordinator Lou Spanos talks about the matchups against Washington and using his defensive players on offense...

Lou Spanos:

On Washington's offense:
They're an extremely high-powered offense. It starts with the offensive line. A lot of ordered players there who do a good job of staying high on the hat and protect their quarterback. With that being said, their quarterback is playing at a high level. He keeps plays alive and makes good decisions with the football. He's very accurate with the deep ball and then goes vertical, vertical, vertical. Their running back is one of the best ones in the Pac-12, if not the NCAA. He's really a hard runner. He can break any run. Their receivers, tight end, are all dynamic.

On Bishop Sankey compared to other running backs they've faced:
This guy is a complete player. He does a good job of running the ball as well as passing situations. He catches the ball well.

On Austin Seferian-Jenkins:
I think he's his own man. He's a really good player. In the passing game, he creates mismatches. In the running game, he does a good job too. He stays in the pass protection too. This guy is very versatile. I don't like comparisons, but this guy is his own player. He's a really dynamic player.

On the improvement of Jordan Zumwalt:
Jordan is doing a great job of executing the defense. Spending time studying tape of the opponents and flying around and having fun. He's making a lot of plays and doing really well for us. We're glad we have him.

On if he's the energy of the defense:
I wouldn't say that because we expect all 11 players to have energy, whatever 11 players are on the field. But he's a unique person because he's Jordan. And that means he has a lot of interchangeables that you want a football player to be and Jordan is a great football player.

On some of those intangibles:
He loves the game. He's physical. High motor. Durable. Can cover the pass. He's a really good player.

On Myles Jack going both ways:
Myles is what's best for the team. Obviously you've seen what he does on defense, and last week, you saw it on offense. More that he can do, the more we help our players out, because you never know what's going to happen to an offensive player. We're glad that we have quality football players on our roster.

On if that changes how he manages the defense:
Oh no, it's just because you have your depth, and you just don't know the situation. Every one has to be ready to play. It doesn't really alter it much at all.

On how Anthony Barr affects the game:
Being in our packages, we move Anthony around and any snap, he can be at the line of scrimmage, and then the next play he's rushing the passer, then he's covering and then he's stacked. Anthony is a complete player, where he's all-around and you don't know what, each play is a new experience and each play is a different thing. Anthony is just a dynamic player. Stats, here's a statistic, we won the game. And with that being said, Anthony did an outstanding job of rushing that edge. The quarterback kept plays alive, but he did a nice job and applied pressure all the time and he did a nice job of stopping the run. If you watch the game tape, he was highly productive.

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