VIDEO: Jefferson Talks UW

Anthony Jefferson talks about the play of the secondary against Arizona and discusses how he'll match up against Austin Seferian-Jenkins...

Anthony Jefferson:

On Washington's offense:
They like to stretch the ball vertically down the field, and that's what we always have to protect, the deep ball. We have to really hone in and protect that deep ball vertically.

On knowing some of the receivers:
Yeah, I know a few. It just brings more edge to the competition. You know the guys so it raises your competition. That's not what we're really about, we're about playing football and getting a W.

On Austin Seferian-Jenkins:
He is a really good player. One thing you have to do is to know how to play the ball when the ball is in the air and cover him. He's a guy we have to really be physical with, because that's what bigger guys are able to do, out-physical you.

On Arizona's offense:
I just think Denker was playing really well. We were covering really well down field, and the coverage was so tight, so he'd scramble and it's not too much we can do, all we can do is come up to the ball and make a play.

On watching the defensive players get in on offense:
I need to go talk to Mazzone right now to get in the slot. Shoot. It's fun to watch though. It's fun to watch.

On Keith Price:
I think he's a really good leader as far as owning the offense and taking control. He's a pretty good passer, pretty accurate passer. We just really need to tighten it down.

On Price and Brett Hundley comparisons:
I can see that, maybe the 17. That's about it. But no, he's a really good quarterback, he makes plays in the pocket like Brett and he scrambles a lot too like Brett.

On if Price seems different from previous seasons:
I think, yeah. He just really upped his level of play because he's a senior this year. He's played really well and has some of the best stats this year. You have to put a pocket around him.

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