VIDEO: Vanderdoes on Washington

Eddie Vanderdoes talks about Washington's skill guys, his assessment of Bishop Sankey, and how he thinks the team will adjust to Washington's running game...

Eddie Vanderdoes:

On playing offense:
I thought it was cool and a new experience. I didn't think I'd ever play offense in college, but it was cool, especially running around and I'm excited to help my team.

On running a deep post later in the year:
That will never happen, but I wish.

On if Myles Jack said anything to him for opening up holes:
I don't know if I really did anything, it was more the first group that was in.

On when he found out he'd be used in the offense:
Like Wednesday or Thursday.

On if he had any offensive experience previously:
I played tight end in high school. So I kind of have experience when it comes to some route running and blocking, like lead blocking. I used to be a fullback and I used to be a running back.

On if he misses offense and running routes:
I miss those. Those were fun. Those are gone for now, but hopefully I get to run a few more routes and keep blocking.

On what he's seen from the Washington offense so far:
They have a very electric offense. Their skill guys are very, very good and I think they have the most electric players that we've seen this year, more so than Oregon. I don't think their quarterback is as electric as Mariota, obviously, but I'm talking about the receivers and running back, a little more explosive and shifty. Their line is very athletic- they're not big but athletic.

On how Bishop Sankey compares to Kadeem Carey:
We'll see when we play but on film, I think Sankey might be better than Kadeem. Personally, maybe, that's my opinion. Sankey is a little more shiftier.

On if that's a worry because of Carey's success against UCLA:
No, I don't think it's that big of a worry. I think we'll be fine this week. What we're doing in practice, we'll be fine this week. Just like the Nevada week, when we had trouble with Cody Fajardo, the next week, Taylor Martinez was supposed to be better and we made adjustments and we held them to under 100 yards rushing and very little passing yards, so we'll make the adjustments and be fine this week.

On where he feels he's improved defensively:
Improving my double teams, holding my ground, my technique is getting better.

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