VIDEO: Payton on the Blackout

Jordan Payton talks about the team wanting a blackout and also discusses why he chose UCLA over Washington...

Jordan Payton:

On what he's seen from Washington's defense so far:
They're fast. Physical, aggressive. It's funny because I know a lot of those guys, obviously, so seeing them on film is cool to see how much they've changed, how they've gotten so good. It's going to be a tough game and a tough defense to play and we're definitely looking forward to it.

On Washington's recruitment of him:
See the sun up there? That's it. Being close to home was definitely something I wanted to have. Coach Mora, not to discredit Coach Sark, who's a great guy, but I just fell in love with the whole thing here.

On if he's a rain guy:
I wouldn't say so. Growing up here, I'm used to the California weather.

On the blackout:
Let's do it. I saw a couple of guys tweeting about it yesterday. So I think we're definitely trying to push everything for a blackout.

On if Mora talks to them about his playing career:
Yeah, he talks to us about it sometimes. Tells us some stories. Ths week he hasn't. He'd just talk about running down for kickoffs, playing special teams.

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