Joseph's Commitment More than Just Verbal

Kirby Joseph, the linebacker from Louisiana, jumped through some considerable hoops to get UCLA to notice him, including riding a bus for four days. It pays off with a scholarship offer and a subsequent commitment...

Kirby Joseph, LB, 6-2, 225, Lake Charles (Louis.) Washington-Marion, verbally committed to UCLA earlier today.

Joseph wasn't home, but his mother Alberta Joseph, confirmed that her son had committed to UCLA. And confirmed what a pretty phenomenal story Joseph committing to UCLA actually is.

Joseph attended UCLA's four-day camp in late June. Actually, it was the second year in a row that Joseph had attended UCLA's four-day camp. Alberta said it was an indication of how much he likes UCLA and how motivated her son is when he gets a goal, to come all the way from Louisiana to UCLA's four-day camp.

Probably the biggest indication that Joseph was motivated to attend UCLA's camp: He rode a bus from Louisiana to attend. Alberta said the trip, one way, took her son four days. And he did it both years. This year's trip cost about $950 total, which Joseph paid for himself by money he earned, and also money donated to him by family and friends, specifically for Joseph to come to UCLA's one-day camp to fulfill his dream.

Joseph has been enamored of UCLA, its academics, its environment and its job opportunities for quite a while.

"He went out there and sold himself to them well," Alberta said. "He came back and said, ‘Mama, I'm going to get my degree and go work for Warner Bros. He really wants to get into their computer animation program there."

In June, at the camp, Joseph said, "I just love it here. I like California. The weather, the beach, the mountains. It's just a great place."

Joseph mostly played defensive end during his junior year but will make the shift to linebacker this year. In his junior year, he had 97 tackles and 11 quarterback sacks. At the four-day camp he showed a great body, and good agility and quickness, even though he looked pretty raw. He said he ran a 4.7 40 and had jumped 33 inches in the vertical at the Nike Camp he attended.

LSU had offered, and Mississippi State, Alabama and Tulane were also recruiting Joseph.

His mother said he has a 3.25 GPA and scored a 19 on the ACT.

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