VIDEO: Mora on Washington

Coach Jim Mora talked about the win over the Huskies Saturday night, Myles Jack's performance and more...

Opening statement:
I apologize for being late, we just had a special moment at the 50-yard line, midfield of the Rose Bowl. Stan McKay proposed to his girlfriend and now she is his fiancée. That's a pretty special moment. It was a good win tonight against a really good football team. I'm proud of these guys. They continue to show grit and resilience and toughness and all those things that make a special football team. We are still in the hunt with another week to play. We call it our championship drive here. Arizona State is coming in here, and they are an excellent football team. It was tough playing on a Friday night with a short week but it's going to benefit us. It gives us a day to heal up. I don't have an injury update. Malcolm (Jones) took a big hit, but he was doing OK. Caleb (Benenoch) took a big hit, but Ben Wysocki went in and did a really nice job. We had Jordon James suited up and he didn't get in, but we will be getting him back this weekend. I'm sure there will be some questions about Myles (Jack). Noel (Mazzone) and the offensive staff's creativity, using whatever talent and capacity just speaks to the selflessness of our players. You don't see any griping or complaining. But the most important thing is winning, and our offense has embraced it. It's an indication of the character of our players. I'm excited. I'm fired up. We are still in it. We have to keep going. We have to keep winning.

On Myles Jack:
I think it was less about Washington's defense and more about Myles and us needing a running back. He has some special qualities. He's a 6-1 plus kid who can run fast. You can see how hard he runs. He gets the extra yards. He had 12 carries tonight. You combine that with all the defensive snaps he played, and that is hard. He's 18. He recovers quick. And he has a big heart and wants this team to win.

On limits on Myles Jack:
It's tough. It's kind of a dance. You have to decide how much you can use him without hampering his ability to be effective. Tonight was a good mix. Getting Jordon James and Damien Thigpen back next week should really help us in the run game. But, you know, Myles is a weapon. Like I said last week, you just can't go crazy with it. This guy is an outstanding linebacker, and he's as good as you'll find in America, especially for a freshman. That's where he loves to play and that's where we want to play him. But we are going to continue to use him.

On Jack's value at running back and on defense:
Here's why (we will play him on offense), there is so much more to being a running back. Protection. It's undervalued. All you see is a guy carrying the ball, and you have to know who to block. He's not going to learn now. It's too late in the process. If he's just out there every time we hand him the ball, Arizona State is going to be zeroed in on him. We will keep using him over there.

On having a critical Pac-12 game each week:
I love the intense, hard-fought games that you have to grind out and win. It reveals your character. It builds character and helps us grow as a football team. We are very, it's an understatement, so young. It's amazing. These kids have to grow up fast in extreme environments. We start eight freshmen or wheatever and they keep rising up to that. It's teaching us how to win and how to grind out wins in tough environments against tough teams when it's a gut check. When it's hard, that is when you find out about your guys.

On concerns about player fatigue:
No, no concerns. Two days now to recover. They are kids. You recover pretty quick, and there is that incentive that there is something you're after. We have to do a good job as a staff to keep them sharp for next Saturday. And that's what we will do.

On comparisons to the NFL playoffs:
With our young men, it's a little different. They are younger. But they grasp it. They understand what is at stake. They understand why it's important every week to prepare hard and to do things right, and they are doing that. If this was the NFL, it's a five-week playoff and that's a long time, man. The crowd tonight was great. You're talking about a 6:01 kickoff, to come out like that, that's pretty special. I don't know what the attendance was but everybody who could get out, our players appreciate it. It makes it special for them. We are creating something there that we are very excited and proud of.

On defensive adjustments:
They (Washington's offense) made push after push after push. They are capable of doing some great things offensively. You look at their statistics and what we did was we went to a lot more man defense. We came up with a little pressure there. We repeated a number of times. They took advantage of it a few times. They have a heck of a receiving corps. I think Lou Spanos and Jeff Ulbrich and Demetrice Martin and Angus McClure have done a great job of adjusting throughout the game. They are really good football coaches. Our players accept it and they go out and apply it.

On Anthony Barr:
Not really. Anthony is a consummate team player. I've never heard him once about not getting a sack or pass rush opportunities. You look at what we have asked him to do, where he plays inside shade to a tackle and this is one of the premier defensive pass rushers in America, and you know what? He just does it. He does it to the best of our abilities. That's what our team is. They are a bunch of young, hungry guys who want to help the team.

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