VIDEO: Jack Still Prefers Linebacker

Linebacker/running back Myles Jack talks after his incredible four-touchdown performance in the win against Washington...

Myles Jack:

On the adjustment:
I don't really take much credit for it, it's the line blocking for me. I'm just playing defense like I normally do. It's regular routine for me.

On being told he'd get a shot at running back:
He hinted at it in the summer, and as the season wore on, injuries to our running backs, he's like 'do you want to do it' and I'm like 'sure'. Ever since then I've been there.

On being recruited as a running back:
I really didn't even expect to be playing running back. They just threw me back there and I'm there. I love it. Third and one, I either go back on the field and play defense or I go get a shot of water. It's not that hard of a decision. I'll go back and get the first down and get the water later.

On some of the all-time great running backs never having scored four touchdowns in a game:
Kudos to the O-Line. They're making holes and I'm just hitting it and scoring and putting points on the board. It's not me, it's the O-Line, because every body in the stadium knows what we're about to run, it's coming downhill and they're still moving guys off the ball and I'm finding creases and getting in.

On how he feels physically:
I'm definitely tired tonight. I'll be fine. It's crunchtime in the season and we're trying to make this push for the Pac-12 championship and whatever the team needs me to do, I'm with it.

On if he's more tired than in the Arizona game:
It's about the same. Big games, you're going to be more tired. I'm sure everyone else in that locker room is tired as me.

On if exhaustion was what led him to sit out some defensively in the 4th quarter:
No, it was just letting Jordan and EK, the coaches felt like they could produce more than I could on the field and then Jordan got the pick to seal the game. Coaches know what they're doing on.

On how he felt about his own game:
I really give the touchdowns to the O-Line. The holes were right there and I was just hitting it. Defensively, I felt like I just played ok. I don't feel like I played all that great. Overall, we got the win, so I can't even complain right now.

On how much more he can do on offense:
I feel like if they need me to get a first down, third and one, I feel more confident in myself, my o-line, my quarterback, the guys blocking for me, that we can get the job done. If they need me to do it, I'll do it. When our running backs come back healthy, I'll step back, but until then, if they need me to fill that void, I'm 100% on it.

On what it's like for a defensive guy to start scoring touchdowns:
It's definitely good because it works out both ways. You score, it gives you a cushion. I'm definitely excited about it.

On the 24-hour rule with Arizona State coming up:
We were already talking about Arizona State as soon as the clock hit double zeroes. We were talking about preparing for them and that will decide who goes to the Pac-12 Championship game. We're definitely, me personally, I'm focused on them more than the game tonight.

On the blackout:
Me personally, this is the first time I've ever been a part of a Blackout, so I was definitely excited to see the whole stadium blacked out, new jerseys, I've never worn black jerseys. I've never been a part of something like this. Hopefully it's not a once in a lifetime opportunity. I was definitely excited and amped up the whole game.

On the significance of playing Washington:
A little bit but it's not really about me, it's about the team. It's really about wins and losses at the end of the day, not me and them. It's about the team. And we won the game tonight.

On his mom being at the game:
I'm going to go see here when I'm done. But definitely for her to be a part of it, she makes as many games as she possibly can. When she comes to a game, especially one like this, I feel like I have to put on a show and give her a reason to go. It's definitely a special night and I can't wait to give her a hug.

On the most rushing touchdowns at UCLA since Maurice Jones-Drew:
Wow, really? Maurice Jones-Drew was my idol back in my running back days. That's the OLine, that's not me.

On why he wants to play defense, despite offensive success:
I just feel like defense is my calling. Again, I like hitting more than being hit, that's kind of my MO. I just feel like I have a future on defense. And the coaches do as well. At the same time, with our running backs being injured, they called upon me to fill that void. And I'm not going to say no for the team. If they need me to do something, I'm going to do it and I'm just trying to send these freshmen out right.

On if he thought his role would grow offensively:
Not at all. With the injuries, I had to step up. Paul is out there running as much as he can and when he gets tired, I have no choice but to step in and give him a breather, but over time it just increased.

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