VIDEO: Mazzone on Jack, Hundley

Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about his use of defensive players, and Myles Jack in particular, on Friday night...

Noel Mazzone:

On if Myles Jack's performance inspires the other running backs:
Oh, I think so. I think so. A guy like Paul Perkins, he's a freshman. I think a good physical running back back ignites our football team. You saw evidence of it last week.

On the criticism of the offense during their two-game losing streak:
I haven't checked my texts yet. She probably wants to know why I ran the ball so much the last two drives.

On defensive players scoring six straight touchdowns over two games:
I have to recruit better offensive players, right? Because of that package, the defensive kids, they all came in and still made some plays for us tonight. Our pack package.

On how fun that package is to put in:
Oh it's a blast. You know what's fun, it's fun because those defensive players get fired up. And now they all want to catch a ball. We have such good kids and everyone on both sides, everybody is like, wherever we need to help, we'll help this football team and it's the closest team I've ever coached, and there is not a lot of individuals out there, which is what makes this a beautiful game.

On the fourth touchdown going to Myles Jack when everyone knew it was:
Well it says a lot about him and it also says a lot about those young offensive lineman. Those three freshman, they came out every week and are getting better every week and they're doing well. I don't even think of them as freshman any more.

On their improvement:
It's that whole thing, we talked about in camp, you always want your offensive line to play like a nickel instead of five pennies. We've got a couple of injuries and guys moving around and now you've got X at tackle and guard, and there is a new guy here. So it took them a while to learn how to play next to each other. And I think every week they're playing a little bit better.

On how close the line is to the beginning of the season:
You need to ask Brett that question, because he's the one standing back there, I just call the plays. He's the one I think, I think you guys have seen the past couple weeks, he's got a lot more trust in his line. I really think he's feeling good about those guys.

On Mora being willing to use defensive guys on offense:
The guy is a stud. Your team always takes on the personality of your head coach and just what I said about our team, our team is unselfish, whatever they can do to win as a team, not as a defense, or as an offense, or special teams or this guy. The reason we're like that is because of Jim Mora, because that is how he is.

On when a coach was willing to let him use defensive players:
We did last year, with Datone and Cassius. They both caught passes and Keenan has always been a part of our short yardage passing stuff. This year we have some really talented freshman kid. I think you saw Eddie Vanderdoes jump in there and we had Kenny Clark. I'm trying to work my way where I can work those guys up into the guard position next.

On if its new:
Nah, every place I've been, it's been there, because what you get is we don't have in this style of offense, big, physical tight end guys. So we have to go steal the guys like that, that are big physical guys, from the defense.

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