VIDEO: Hundley after Washington

Brett Hundley talks about the performance of Myles Jack and his own game against the Huskies on Friday night...

Brett Hundley:

On Myles Jack:
He did really good. Just to be able to give him the ball to get those yards on really critical situations, like 3rd and 2, 3rd and 3, and to give him the ball and let our o-line and that package get in there and do work and get a first down, was huge for this offense.

On never getting a big enough lead:
That's something we've got to do better as a team. That turns down to turnovers and penalties. Being able to step on the throat of an opponent when we've got a big lead like that. We've got to fix the mistakes. Fix those things and get better from it.

On playing on a Friday night in black uniforms:
It felt great. We felt good out there, we looked good, the black unis were sweet and we had some fun out there. It was pretty sweet. I love the black.

On putting the game in the rearview mirror:
That's the thing. As a team, you have the 24-hours, but as a quarterback, you have to put it in the past. That's one of the things about leading the team, is knowing your opponent. So tomorrow, I'll get in, watch the film and get better from it and get ready for ASU.

On if it's emotionally draining this time of year:
Week in and week out, but that's what we've asked for, the opportunity and a chance, to control our own destiny. We win out, we have a chance for the Pac-12 Championship and hopefully a Rose Bowl.

On the momentum they established against Washington going forward:
Huge. Huge. I think this win was a big task for us and a big challenge and we showed resolve. We knew what we had to do out there. We came out with a W, we're 8-2 and trying to win a couple more games.

On stopping Washington when they'd build momentum:
That's huge. The defense, created turnovers, stopped them on 3rd down. Those are huge in games like this and we have to come out with the battle won. The one thing we have to do as a team is fix turnovers and penalties and we have to negate that.

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