VIDEO: Lucien on First Touchdown

Devin Lucien talks about snagging his first career touchdown catch and also provides his own take on Myles Jack's performance...

Devin Lucien:

On taking care of business against Washington:
This game has a lot to do with if we got to the Pac-12 Championship or not and we have to take full advantage of that. It's not even about the game right now, I'm just thinking about the seniors going out for their last home game on top.

On his touchdown catch:
That was my first one. Today is the best day of my life. I broke my collarbone last year and it's been kind of slow leading up to this but I'm happy it came and I'm enjoying every second of it.

On the play:
The corner blitzed and I was the hot read so if the corner hadn't blitzed, I probably wouldn't have gotten the ball. It was in God's hand and he made it happened.

On the defensive guys scoring touchdowns:
Myles Jack is the best player in the world. That's all that is. Myles Jack is the man. He's amazing right? And then Cassius Marsh is an athlete. He could play tight end in the NFL if he wanted to. And we could put Anthony Barr back there too if we wanted to, he was an all-American running back in high school. We just have great athletes and that's big ups to Coach Neuheisel, our past coach, recruiting them.

On if the defensive guys makes it fun:
Heck yeah, they love it. Myles was really good at running back when he was in Seattle. And seeing Cassius Marsh catch a touchdown, I mean, come on, you don't see that a lot. Like I said, we love when they're out there on the field, it just takes some pressure off of us.

On waiting for that breakout game:
It was the hardest time of my life, literally, but I'm not trying to look back on that anymore. I got my first touchdown and I just want to rack them up.

On the black uniforms:
They were sweet right? I know y'all liked them. We loved them. It was a great thing. Funny story, Jordan Payton scored his first touchdown last year in the L.A. Nights and I scored my first touchdown. It's pretty ironic. Man, it's a good day. I love the uniforms, especially since I scored.

On his motivation for next week:
It's really for the seniors. I've really built a good relationship with the seniors since I've been here. There is a house where all the seniors live, Anthony Barr, Jordan Zumwalt, Phil Ruhl, and everyone lives, and I'm over there all the time. We've got a real close relationship and I'm not even really thinking about the Pac-12 championship, I'm thinking of going out there and practicing my ass off, my butt off, sorry, and I'm excited to play for them. Our team is hella close.

On seeing the crowd wear black:
Really happy. We had to have that. It was a blackout. I think it was the first time we ever had black uniforms.

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