VIDEO: Marsh Praises Jack

Cassius Marsh says after the game that Myles Jack, in his opinion, is the best player in college football...

Cassius Marsh:

On the touchdown catch:
It was fun man, it was fun. Always like helping my team win. It's always a different feeling getting in the end zone. It was great.

On the emotions when in on those packages:
I like to block, I don't know why. I think it's because I'm on the other side of it. It's fun to be over there to attack the defense. I know where they're going and I know it so well, it's fun for me. It always has an option for me catching a pass. It's fun for me and it's a side of football I don't get to see very often. I think as defensive players, it's exciting for us.

On if the opposing defenses get flustered in those packages:
I don't know if it's the defensive guys on the other side, I think it's just the fact we have a bunch of big guys in there and we're probably going to run and if we do run, they really can't stop it because Myles is such a talented kid. They do look frustrated though when they're out there. But it's fun man, I love it.

On how they can still move the ball when teams know what's coming:
It's a great feeling to just be able to grind out the yards and take time off the clock and drive down the field and continue to get first downs, and our offense gets into the end zone. It's become a great tool for our team and I'm very proud to be a part of it.

On Myles Jack:
That kid is special, man. He's special for sure. I think honestly, and this is a big claim, I think overall, he's the best football player in the country. He does it on defense like I've never seen, on offense, he's showing every body how explosive he can be. He's a great cover guy, I don't think there is anything that he can't do. I'm very proud to see him succeed. He's a very humble kid and he deserves it.

On the momentum going into Arizona State:
It's another win and that's all we're looking for, to stack wins and move towards our goals. We have to win out to get to the championship and that's what we contend on doing in every which way. We have to prepare our very hardest and have to be ready to go out there and perform.

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