VIDEO: Jefferson on McKay Proposal

Anthony Jefferson talks about the defensive performance and Stan McKay proposing to his girlfriend after the game...

Anthony Jefferson:

On the defensive performance:
I think we were doing the same thing, I just think the receivers had pretty good games and Keith Price is a good quarterback and he was able to get the ball to them a little more.

On what Cyler Miles did differently for Washington:
I think he played a great game, and stepped up when he needed to, when Keith Price went down, he was the next man up and did what he needed to do.

On the black uniforms:
I thought that was incredible. The whole vibe was great, and all the players were into it and the crowd was into it and I think it was a great thing for the program.

On Stan McKay's proposal:
Stan, that's my guy and really proud of him that he made a big commitment. It all went through, I'm proud of him. We kind of had an idea at the beginning of the week. But to see it happen, and everything work out the way it was supposed to was incredible. I'd never seen anything like it.

On if that put a perfect capper on the evening:
Definitely, I think that was the icing on the cake right there. She said yes. So that's another good thing.

On the scene for it:
All the players were at the 50. He walked in with his girl, and he did what he had to do to propose, and she said yes, and it was a great moment and incredible moment.

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