Mora's Sunday Teleconference

Jim Mora talks about the team's attitude heading into the Arizona State games and provides an update on an injury...

What kind of mental and physical exertion do you go through with this many games and the intensity and everything that's on the line?

I don't know, you just try to take it one week at a time as much as possible. And you regroup as much as you can and you go at it again. These are young, resilient kids, or men I should say. I think we're getting stronger as we go, because we're having to fight, and fighting makes you stronger.

But there's a physical exertion that goes along with it too, with injuries.

Well, yeah, we're beat up, but so are other teams we play as well. We've lost, certainly, on offense.

That's what I was getting at, it's like many guys are being lost at very specific positions, offensive tackle and running back.

Both starting tackles for a good part of the season. You know the running back situation. Jordon hasn't been around for a while, Damien has been back and forth, Steven hasn't been around. Malcolm has had some issues. So there are a lot of guys having to fill in and pick up the slack.

What's Caleb's status?

Caleb? He's fine. Why? He was just a little dehydrated. I wasn't sure after the game.

You guys have anything on Malcolm yet?

No, no injury updates.

There are lot of important games, but this one has to be the one that was hanging out there, that this is the team you're chasing.

Well, it might have been hanging out there for other people, but for us, it's just the game we are getting ready to play, because this game wouldn't have mattered if we had not won the games leading up to this game. I've been really impressed with the players ability to focus on one game at a time. It's not easy to do when you've got that young mind that tends to wander at times.

You mentioned before the Stanford game that you got a sense from the locker room that the players had a heightened sense of what was coming. Have you gotten the same sense leading up to the Arizona State game?

I haven't been around them since the game was over so I don't know yet.

You guys were so good at getting to the quarterback last year, and it seemed  like through the first chunk of the season, those numbers were down, but then you had four sacks against Washington. What was the difference?

Well, I think sack numbers are not necessarily a good indication of your ability to get to the quarterback. We put a lot of pressure on quarterbacks. We just, you know, coverage was tight, guys beat blocks, and we got there, you know? That's the only thing I can tell you.

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