VIDEO: Barr on Run Defense

Anthony Barr says a change in the front gave UCLA a better chance to stop Bishop Sankey and also discusses why he hasn't been seen on offense this year...

Anthony Barr:

On keeping a championship mentality week after week:
I don't think it's too tough. I think it's exciting. It's what you work for all season. I think we're all fired up for it.

On the Arizona State game:
They're a great overall team, all facets of the game. Great quarterback, great receivers, great offensive linemen. They're playing well. It's going to take a full team effort to take these guys down.

On what they did differently to stop Bishop Sankey:
We switched up our front a little bit. We made those calls early on so everyone could get set and know their responsibilities. Against Arizona, we weren't as sure, so this week we really emphasized that and everyone knew their job and to play fast.

On those differences:
We played a tight front. It was different from Arizona where we played a G front.

On Marion Grice:
He's been great for them out of the backfield. They like to get him the ball in space, especially the strike routes and wheel routes.

On how he compares to Sankey/Carey:
I'd agree with that. He's a great player and he'll be a great challenge.

On if Myles Jack on offense has him putting in requests:
Nah, not yet. I'm still focusing on defense, trying to do my job and help the team the best we can.

On if he misses the F-Back:
It looks fun, but I think those days are behind me.

On getting back into a groove against Washington:
I felt back to my normal self. The way I'm used to playing and being on the edge a little more. I feel like myself again.

On if the defensive players playing offense has them picking up more slack defensively:
I think if they have to be on offense, they have to be just as good on defense. We wouldn't put them into a position to play offense if they weren't.

On if he's watched Myles Jack closely:
It's probably difficult for him, playing 20 snaps on offense and 60-70 snaps on defense, it can't be easy flipping gears. It's probably difficult for him but if anyone can do it, he can.

On if the transition has been difficult playing more on the line:
I'm just trying to use my hands more, that's the biggest thing. If you dip your shoulder, you get lost, so I'm trying to throw hands and line up.

On if that could help him at the next level:
The more you can do on the field, the more versatility, the better your stock is.

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