VIDEO: McKay Talks Proposal

Stan McKay goes in depth about his proposal on the field after the Washington game and also calls out some negative comments made after the video was posted on Youtube...

Stan McKay:

On the proposal and his fiancée saying yes:
Yes, that was great news to hear.

On why he picked Friday:
I thought Friday was going to be Senior Day, so I wanted to do it on the field, in front of everyone, more pressure on her. I knew she was going to say yes. Because she had been hinting at it throughout the last couple of months.

On what the hint was:
She kept asking me. She kept posting wedding pictures, and rings and dresses all over her pinterests or instagram. I started planning this a month and a half ago with Coach and Jolie and other staff. We came up with a plan, and then the plan kind of backfired when I realized that Senior Day wasn't the Washington game, so I was like, what should I do, I have her family flying in.

On how the team reacted:
The team was stoked, they wanted to have a huge part of it. So that's why all the guys came out. They were running back and forth, 'are you going to do it here, are you going to do it there.' They were really supportive in my decision.

On how it worked out:
When it got towards the end of the game, I looked up at the scoreboard and it was like 9 minutes, and I was like 'oh, it's getting close' and my heart just started pounding. We were having a hard fought battle out there, and so I was more focused on that. When it got down to I think like 40 seconds, all my teammates came up and were like 'ah, it's almost that time' and I was like, 'quit saying that' because I'm rattled. But, it was a great experience for me. Walking her out the tunnel was the most rattling thing because I'm looking and the band is there and everyone, and I'm like 'this is really about to happen right now.' So I'm glad it did.

On if she knew right away:
She knew when we started walking out of the tunnel onto the field. She was like 'I hate you, why'd you do this.' She wanted it to be more private, but I was like 'nah, it's going to be big.' I wanted it to be a bigger stage for her because she's kind of shy.

On if he's always doing things like that for her:
My teammates know I do a lot of random things for her. I randomly take her flowers to work. Or randomly, rent a hotel on the beach or just random things to keep her happy. It's been a very long time. Going on two years.

On the wedding day:
We haven't planned that. She told me, she's not the kind who wants to be engaged long. So I'm like, ok, the wedding will be pretty soon.

On if the whole team is invited:
Oh yeah, they all have got to be there. Isaiah Bowens is a great singer, and he's like "I have to sing at your wedding' and I'm like, yeah, you've got to. Some people asked if they could sing and I was like, nah, I'll have Isaiah do it.

On how the day overall was with the field goal recovery and being on the program:
It was a big day for me. That morning, we always vote for our captains, and I was a special teams captain. Then when getting to the stadium, when giving her a hug, she tells me, 'oh you're on the program.' And while she's hugging me, her dad is handing me the ring box because he had it in his possession. So I got it and put it behind my back and was like 'yeah' and just kept walking. It was a big day. That play was something kind of funny, I dreamed about it. It was that play. But in my dream, I pictured myself scoring so it was kind of different.

On things that were said:
It was a great experience, but it was kind of shocking to see some of the things that were said over the weekend. There were a lot of racist comments made towards her and I. We went on YouTube and people were saying things about her and she had a hard time with that. It was just eye-opening to see that people still feel that way about interracial couples. But, I just told her to keep her head up and the only thing that matters is we have each other. But it was a great weekend otherwise. It was a great weekend and I'm trying to plan something nice in the future that will top this.

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