VIDEO: Mora on Tuesday

Jim Mora talks about a few redshirt juniors who are electing to graduate this season and also talks about why Myles Jack might not be able to be a full-time running back this year...

Jim Mora:

Opening statement:
I thought the intensity was great, the focus was excellent. Obviously it's a very big game for this football team, against an outstanding team. You can sense it in the way they're preparing. In their mindset. We started to feel it yesterday when we brought them back out in the morning and then again in the afternoon. It's a great challenge, the team we're playing, they're a heck of a football team. They're old, a veteran group. They play hard, they play fast, they're very physical. I know their goal is to come in here and win the game and win the Pac-12 South and our objective is to go out and play great and try to get a win. That's where we're out.

On the importance of these kind of games in recruiting:
I think it's important. But right now, I'm thinking of trying to get prepared for this game.

On Aramide Olaniyan and Brandon Willis being listed with the seniors:
If they're listed, and Luke Gane as well. There are three guys who could potentially have eligibility left, it would be Luke, AO and Brandon. And they're all going to graduate, which is fantastic, and they're all going to move on in their life. They've been great contributors. They're great guys. You see a guy like Brandon, who's unselfish, playing both sides, both ways, one of our few two-way players. AO has been a rock on special teams for us really for the last two years, does a great job on punt returns. And then Luke Gane is just a really inspirational guy. He comes out, he's selfless, he plays fullback for us, he plays special teams, he's willing to help out the team. I also think that they made decisions that it's time to move on in their lives and we'll be pulling for them and helping them in their life.

On Tahaan Goodman:
He's gotten better and he really works hard out in practice. If we can find ways to get him on the field and increase his reps, we'll do that. But there has to be reasons to put him out there. There was a reason the other day, when Randall went out when he got his knee banged, and he did really well. That's what you're looking for. All the sudden you're on the sidelines and then boom, you're in. It might have been his first or second play that he caused that fumble. I think that shows that he's prepared and that he's ready to go. Quite frankly, I didn't notice until I watched the game film on Saturday, how much he played. And that's a good thing. He didn't stand out as a guy who was making errors, or looked like he was uncertain of what he was supposed to do and that is a credit to him and Coach Meat, always staying ready to go, even if you're not playing a lot. The guy is going to be a great football player, he's already making plays.

On Marion Grice:
I think they've got a couple really good backs. D.J. Foster too. They're a team that utilizes their personnel well. Like you said, as a pass-catcher. If you can get a guy out in space who can catch the ball well, you're going to use him that way. Same with Foster. He got us once down the middle if you'll recall. Just kind of a, maybe a different style of offense, is what it is. And their players fit their style. The coaches have done a great job marrying their talent to their scheme.

On setting a rhythm in the backfield:
Well last week, Paul Perkins did a really nice job. He was one of the players of the game, had like 90 yards. You hope that in a game, that somebody gets the hot hand and then you ride them. The way we play offense, and really the way offense is played in football nowadays, is you have to have more than one back that you can count on. Even if a guy is hot, and he's running it well and catching it well, you have to give him a break. That's a punishing position to play. You take some hits. It's not like defense, where you go as the hitter, you're the hittee and there are 11 guys trying to hit you, and it takes its toll on your body.

On how much Myles Jack can learn about the offense in games:
He can't. He can't. So we don't even try.

On Jordon James:
We need everybody, we really do. It's all hands on deck kind of deal. We need Thiggy back, we need him back, we need Simon back, we need Manfro back, we need them all back. Where he is on Saturday will kind of determine how much he plays and how much he can do. But I think he's crept a lot closer to being ready to go. He was very impactful at the start of the season. I don't remember what game he got hurt, but up to that point, he was one of the leading rushers in the country. So he was doing some things and playing with a lot of confidence. It's just lingered on him. So hopefully he gets back to it.

On Paul Perkins:
I like what he does. He's very young, just a redshirt freshman, and learning his ways. He's become a very good pass protector, he catches the ball well out of the backfield, he'll slash it up in there. I don't know that he's yet physically mature enough to be a guy that carries it 20-25 times again. I think in time, Coach Alosi's strength program, he's gonna add muscle, he's going to add endurance. He's going to be that kind of guy. But for a redshirt freshman playing for the first time, I've been impressed with Paul and I think he's going to get better.

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