VIDEO: Jack Talks Running Back

Myles Jack talks about how he'd feel about permanently switching to running back and whether he thinks that's even feasible...

Myles Jack:

On what the past couple of weeks have been like:
It's definitely been a whirlwind. Just with like, learning new positions. The overall games, and the attention and everything. It's been good.

On if its harder to walk across campus:
A little bit. People notice me walking across campus. But I'm still trying to keep to myself. People will say, good game.

On if it slows him down:
A little bit, sometimes I have to put my headphones on. Unless they go out of their way to tap me and say hi.

On if he'd stiff arm someone doing that:
Ha, nothing like that.

On when the coaches came to him and said he'd play running back:
I thought they were playing. They had been hinting at it since summer. They finally called it in the game. I was actually surprised they called it during the game. I didn't think we'd run. I thought we'd hard count them and then call timeout. But we actually ran it and ever since then, we've built on it.

On how long they'd been practicing it:
Since Arizona, like two days before that.

On who approached him:
I think it was Coach Mazzone. He said 'we have a package for you, it's full of defensive guys. I think you'll like it.' I was like, ok cool, because he had brought it up before, so I was like whatever. But we actually practiced it and ran it in the game.

On if there is animosity towards Washington, considering his taunting penalty:
I don't know how to answer that the correct way. Yeah, I could say the feeling is mutual between us, but it's not about me, it's about the team.

On if it stems from the recruiting process:
I'll take a pass on that.

On how many schools recruited him as a linebacker and how many as a running back:
It was pretty much linebacker, a couple schools here and there were running back. A lot of schools let me choose what I wanted to be and I made it clear I wanted linebacker.

On why he likes linebacker:
I like linebacker way better, you get to hit people. You get to run, coverage. I just like defense overall, protecting, all that. Offense, you have people hitting you from different angles, and then you have to protect the ball, people trying to take the ball from you.

On what's a better feeling, a touchdown or a tackle:
I don't know, that's tough. Probably a touchdown. But I'd probably say an interception. Like the interception against Utah was more valuable than a touchdown.

On if five touchdowns is greater than one interception:
I mean, they both helped us. I guess they're both equal.

On if he's approached to making it a full-time switch in the offseason:
If they felt like it's the road we need to go, I'd definitely have to consider it. My mindset was on linebacker, but whatever coach asks me to do, I'm going to do it for him.

On if he'd like to do both again:
Yeah, for sure. Whatever the team needs. It's not my choice, it's what the coaches say. If they feel its the best route for the team, that's what I'm going to do.

On how much he feels he knows about blocking:
The college game is where more complex, you have blitzing schemes.So Coach Mora is definitely right on that. Blocking as far as that, I can try and learn it, but I'm not going to be as clean on it at this point in the season, so they're really just focusing me on running, play-faking and stuff like that.

On if he's getting more comfortable:
Definitely, just the speed of the defense is different than high school. I've definitely become more acclimated to the hits.

On seeing the runs on film:
It was cool. I was with Caleb after the game on Saturday morning, and that's when the film pops up on the iPad, we were watching it and it was fun to watch.

On if he feels any differently compared to two weeks ago:
I feel the same. It's just the grind of the end of the season, everyone is banged up, I'm not the only one, so just pushing towards the Rose Bowl.

On if he's ever faced 3-4 guys and dragged them into the end zone:
Maybe in high school, the college level is a little bit different, and you have to get lower, but that was a good experience.

On how much translation there is in hitting at running back from linebacker:
It's pretty much the same thing. Hammer and the nail, especially on the goalline. They're trying to protect that yard, and I'm trying to get that yard.

On his fumble and near fumble:
The fumble, yeah, that was rough. I'm definitely working on ball leverage in practice, just in case they call my number again on offense. I'll be ready.

On if there is a lot more to learn at running back:
It's definitely a lot harder than it looks. There is a lot more running, you have to read stuff. It's happening really fast and you really have to go. There is a lot to learn, but I give credit to the people who have to do it.

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