VIDEO: Lucien Looking Forward

Devin Lucien talks about nabbing his first touchdown, how it makes him feel about the future, and what he thinks of Myles Jack...

Devin Lucien:

On watching his touchdown:
Probably at least 500 times. It's really cool. I'm trying to get over it now, trying to rack it up and score every game. We'll see what happens.

On if he had to rebuild confidence after the injury:
It didn't go as fast as I thought it would. Before I got hurt, everything was just so on page, and then I came back, and everything was slow and was frustrating and I had to learn it over again, but Coach Yarber just explained to me it's a process. If I just stick to the process, it will work out. I'm still Devin Lucien, though, that hasn't changed.

On if he switched to defense like Myles Jack did to offense:
I think I could do it, but not as good as Myles Jack. Myles Jack is just, it's stupid. It's really not fair. If you really just watch him, it's different in the stands, but if you really just watch how explosive he is, and his change of direction, it's different. It's something I've never seen. I think the only person on this team who can do it is Anthony Barr, because he played running back in high school.

On if he was surprised how quickly Jack picked up running back:
Not really because I knew he was really good at it, because he did it at Bellevue. Its funny because every practice during summer, I would say, 'Myles Jack is something different' and Shaq would get pissed off at me and be like 'Devin, stop saying that.' And i'm like 'no, he's that good.' So when he did what he did against Arizona, and everyone was cheering, I was like 'I've known this, this is nothing new.' He's a great player, a great player.

On if that changed Shaq's mind:
Definitely. Shaq got on his knees and he was like 'He's the best player in the world.' Everyone was going nuts. He's the best player in the world. He's really good, it's crazy. Not quarterback. We have a great one at quarterback, but I bet you he could move out to receiver.

On if he had lulls in high school without touchdowns:
In high school, it came automatic. My freshman year, I played freshman at Crespi, but my sophomore year, I picked it up automatically. It's over with though, I'm on to the next.

On if the first one will help him get into a rhythm:
Definitely. That's what I was always thinking. After I got the first one, it would all just click and I would be able to get them. Last year, I do like high school harry and run sideline to sideline, but now I'm over running sideline to sideline and just trying to get up field.

On being targeted more of late:
With our offense, you don't know who's going to do good. I could do good one game and then Shaq could get over 300 yards another game because he's targeted more. Or I can do good one game and then Jordan can do good one game and Devin Fuller can do good one game. We get the ball to so many receivers it's crazy, more than any other school than I've watched on television. You never know who's going to have those games. These last couple of games I've gotten more looks, but I don't mind Shaq getting touches, he's a senior and he made the Senior Bowl by the way.

On defensive players taking their touchdowns:
I'm not tripping. It's cool seeing Cassius and all them score. Myles had four touchdowns in one game. That's stupid.

On Cassius Marsh's hands:
I've always know Cassius had hands. You can always tell when someone has natural hands. He has natural hands. I think his dad played receiver at Utah so it's not a surprise he's got hands. We've just got athletes. We have an athletic team.

On if that helps with Mazzone:
I think it's about the Mo's and the Joe's rather than the X's and O's. It has a lot to do with our players. Coach Mazzone is a great play-caller and great coach and his schemes are amazing, but at the end of the day, I just think Myles is a beast.

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