VIDEO: Mazzone on Hundley

Quarterbacks coach Taylor Mazzone talks about Brett Hundley's development this week and also talks about Asiantii Woulard's work on the scout team...

Taylor Mazzone:

On Hundley's confidence developing:
Right now, we've developed a game plan for him to narrow it down. I feel like he's gotten a lot more comfortable. He has the ability to go through progressions and he's done a great job out there.

On his improvements:
I think the timing with the receivers. The pass concepts has helped with his timing with Shaq Evans and JP, and I think the timing on his footwork has gotten better from week three to now.

On if his touch is improving:
He's always been a pretty talented deep thrower. Finally started working on it more during practice and he's definitely worked on it.

On if the footwork was the struggle:
We definitely got more individual time to work on being a more fluid dropper, he was getting robotic. So making it more natural and more athletic and it's helped him a lot through his progression read and making the accurate throw.

On if it was more mechanics than confidence during his struggle:
Exactly. We had a chance to work on fundamentals on one big fundamental day. And it definitely worked for him.

On Asiantii Woulard's development:
He's looking good. Right now, he's on the defensive field, so I don't have much time with him, but the work he's putting in the weight room and the classroom, he's a guy that you can see a bunch of upside to be a leader for this team someday.

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